Branding yourself or your business on Instagram is not an easy job at all. You should know that in the sea of interesting profiles you need to work hard to make your profile be noticed and eye-catching. You won’t have another chance. When a visitor comes to your profile, you have to impress them within few seconds, or they are gone. How to attract more followers on Instagram is a timeless question that every marketer tries to explain. However, there are a few rules and tips you should definitely follow. In this post, we will see how to brand yourself.

Combining Your Personal and Business Account

Some people rather split their account into private ones and the one that they call business profile. However, the recent studies proved that people like to see these two together into one. It is important to show off your personal side, your private photos, but still to look like you are running a business. Your followers will appreciate this – showing them more of your intimate side will earn their trust, so they will come back more to see what new is going on in your private and business life.


Keep your Username Short and Simple

This is a general rule that is definitely not new. The shorter the name – the easier is for people to find and remember you. If you own a personal brand, marketers suggest using your personal name. On the other hand, if you own a business, use that name as your username. Many fashion bloggers have switched from using their blog name to their personal name. It seems more personal, and your followers will know that. Don’t complicate your username with unnecessary symbols and letters. Try to find a short and sweet memorable name for your personal/business account.


Proper Use of a Name Field

On Instagram, your name is different from your username. For some personal accounts, there stands their full personal name and surname, and others just didn’t use it quite right. Marketers suggest filling this name field with the main keywords of your business. These fields are searchable, so use them wisely. For example, if you are selling something, put the name of your main products there so that other visitors can find you.

Don’t forget Your Bio

Your bio must be impeccable. There should be a short description of what you are doing written in an eye-catching style that will attract your future followers to scroll down to see your Instagram feed. Who, what and why questions should be on your mind when you are thinking about what to put into your bio section.


Add Call-to-Action to your Bio

If you own a blog or your business has a website, don’t forget to include it in your Bio. Here it is allowed to use emojis and other symbols to catch your visitor’s attention. You only have 150 characters so try to be as much creative as you can!