Instagram is one of the most famous and most entertaining social platforms. Other than providing us tons of fun, nowadays Instagram has become a powerful business tool as well. Thousands of people use Instagram to promote their brands, reach target audiences and customers, and it is used for noble causes like raising awareness on the importance of making the world a better place. Even modeling agencies use Instagram to share model news, promote supermodels, and hire new talents for their upcoming campaigns or runway shows.

Who knows what the future holds for you. You may be the next Gigi Hadid if you use all the benefits Instagram offers. Keep reading for tips on how to become Instagram model in no time!

Have a purpose

Instagram is a photo-sharing app. As such, you should use it to share some of your best photos. If you made a video that you think the world should see, try publishing it on Youtube. You are probably using Instagram to build an audience and attract attention. If this is the case, make sure your purpose is clearly defined.

Decide on a platform and stick to it

Sadly, not all of us have the luxury to juggle between different applications 24/7. Are you with the majority that does not have the time to keep up a social profile on every single social media platform? In such case, make sure you prioritize wisely. There’s no other app that can promote you as good as Instagram can. Invest your time in IG. Moreover, no other app allows such ease of use. Choose the right hashtags and you’ll appear on everybody’s feed. Another pro – follow as many agencies as you’d wish and stay updated on latest job offers and modeling opportunities. And soon enough you will become the next big Instagram model.

Gain followers and follow back

Your media presence says much about you. Agencies and scouters are paying special attention to whom you follow and who follows you back. Knowing how to market yourself is half the job. If you do this properly, those interviews and casting calls will knock on your door.
Follow the models that inspire the world. It is never a bad idea to hit the follow button when it comes to Adriana Lima, Kendall Jenner or Kate Moss. Apart from learning a lot from these beauties, following such models will give your potential agencies a more in-depth look at your interests.

Meet your audience

Once you get through the first three steps, it’s about time you target your audience. If you are an aspiring IG model, your audience should consist of modeling agencies and scouters. However, if you don’t publish the content that your audience likes to see, don’t be surprised if they hit you with the ‘unfollow’ button. This is why it is crucial to know what your followers like.

Have Goals

Although ‘social media goals’ is a relatively new term, it does not mean it shouldn’t be taken seriously. In fact, being an Instagram model is not a hobby; it’s a legitimate business just like every other. That’s why you need to set some goals and work towards achieving them. For example, set a number of followers you want to gain per week or decide on an average number of likes and comments you expect to receive per post. You won’t believe the motivation you’ll get when you reach those numbers.

Plan your content

If you are not trying to become an IG model, spontaneous posts are just fine. But since you are working to build your way up in the modeling world, be aware that you must have a strategy in order to succeed. Plan and schedule your content. These two things can literally make the difference between 20 new followers or 200 unfollows. There are different services that allow you to schedule your posts in advance. We strongly recommend you try some of them like Buffer or Hootesuite.

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