There is no need to tell about the popularity of Instagram as it’s one of the fashionable social media apps with more than 800 million monthly users. Many models start their career thanks to Instagram and today we are here to discuss the best tips on how to become Instagram famous. If you are thinking on becoming a famous model in a short period of time, then you should definitely consider starting your career on Insta.

Start with Some Research

In order to make things easier you should first of all start everything with some research. It’s better if you clearly know your goals. Try to get familiar with accounts that inspire you most and give you ideas on how to become famous. Discover your own talents and let people get acquainted with your individuality, personal style and inner beauty. Your charisma and unique features play a great role and if you are able to showcase your character with the help of photos, then you’ll find the right way. The stories you are going to tell are expected to be attractive and unique. They are supposed to inspire people.

Keep Up with Quality

Since IG is all about bright, eye-catching, live and interesting photos, the quality truly matters. Skip posting photos that look beautiful but comes with low quality. Do your best to choose the most successful photos captured in the right place on the right time. Even if you want to post a photo with a fabulous pose, make sure you use a photo editor to make it nicer. There are millions of photo editing apps like Snapseed, VSCO, and A Color Story. You may find Instagram-provided filters, but it’s recommended to use more professional editing tools.

Choose Hashtags Wisely

Any typed word can become a hashtag but our aim is to draw attention on things that are more important for your career. So, keep in mind that you represent yourself as a model and everything related with modelling will help you in the choice of hashtags. Again take a look at profiles of famous models and celebrities to imagine what’s fashionable these days. In your hashtags you can mention words related with modeling as well as the place and everything describing your photo.

Remember What Not to Do

Stay real and never buy followers, don’t act like a spammer and don’t copy what successful models do. Represent yourself the way you are and avoid creating a fake image of you. Your own sense, character, taste, style and individuality will be clearly reflected on your photos and you can’t fool the public. IG is a great app to draw attention on your lifestyle but you don’t need to share everything and every step of your life to stand out. Just focus on things that have a direct connection with the career of modeling and fashion. Keep up with the latest trends and avoid coming up with old-fashioned looks and advice. Showcase something more than others do.