Every year we are offered new and more fashionable sunglasses but how do we know we make the right choice? Today we’ll discuss some important issues concerning the right choice of the sunglasses according to your face shape, seasonal changes, and your needs and of course the quality of the eye-wear. All you need to know about how to choose sunglasses is founded below.

Your Face Shape

So, when we opt for a trendy pair of sunglasses the first thing we think about is whether it suits us or not. It should first of all compliment your face shape and make it look even more beautiful. While choosing sunglasses keep in mind that it must opposite of your face shape to suit you. If, for example, you have round face and you choose sunglasses with circle frames, then you may hardly look nice. Try to make your choice between sharper frames that can change up your look. Thus, square-shaped people need to wear rounded and aviator frames. If you have round face then look for sunglasses with rectangular frame. Long face shapes look cooler with round frames and modern clubmaster sunglasses. Opt for rectangular sunglasses to compliment your triangular face shape.


Since you already know what type of sunglasses go well with your face shape, your next task is to find a trendy one. Take some time on researching and discovering the latest trendy sunglasses for this or that particular season and narrow down your list to pick up one or several options for the whole year. A stylish and perfect pair of sunglasses can highlight your individuality, posh style and taste. The top 10 sunglasses brands you may consider are as follows; Ray-Ban, Oakley, Inc., Maui Jim, Prada Eyewear, Persol, Tom Ford, Gucci, Emporio Armani, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana. Check out their latest sunglasses trends for the upcoming season.

The Quality

Nowadays many fashion houses offer high-quality and fashionable sunglasses and it’s recommended to pay more for these accessories as they have direct connection with your eyes. If you wear low-quality and cheap sunglasses you may harm your eyes. Expensive and famous fashion houses usually come up with wise solutions. Designers create special sunglasses for morning rays, day and evening conditions. You must know which sunglasses to take with you before leaving home. In order to protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun, you must always wear the right pair of sunglasses. Its lightness or darkness can play a great role for the health of your eyes. When it comes to the choice of high-quality sunglasses you may consider the following factors; larger frames and lenses, give you more UV protection than the rest of options, polarized lenses block out sunlight and are more protective. As for colors, gray lenses are best as they don’t change colors. However, green and brown lenses are good too. Finally, consult with a doctor to know the right type of sunglasses for your eyes. Sometimes, sunglasses cause eye ache because they are either cheap or low-quality ones or just do work well with your eyes.