Both short and tall women face some problems when the thing is about fashion. Everyone wants to look stylish but not everyone has the desired body shape and beauty. Today we’ll speak about the most important fashion tips for short women. If this is the main problem you struggle with, then stop for a minute and take a look at our tips. They will help you find the coolest dressing and styling ideas that visually hide your being short.


So, let’s start from dressing ideas you can choose for your height. First of all, do your best to stay stylish. Try tucking in your shirt if you are going to wear jeans. Opt for an asymmetrical dress with high heels to give you height. In order to elongate your legs and bring out your waist, add a belt to your dresses. Avoid wearing sandals with ankle straps and choose a pair that will show off your legs. Always rock long shirts and consider wearing shirt dresses in summer. As for future brides with short height, it’s recommended to choose wedding gowns with off-shoulder styles and over sweetheart necklines because they create an illusion of a broader canvas. Other choices are noodle straps dresses or halter style. Avoid dresses with high necklines and full sleeves.


If you think that color choice doesn’t matter, then we are here to tell you that colors do matter in clothing when the thig is about your height. In order to look a bit taller or hide your being short you need to wear monotone clothes.  It will allow you to create full illusion of long height. Make sure you wear the same color head to toe or choose hues and tones of the same color.


Now, something important about footwear. It goes without saying that high heels are ideal choice for short girls but you should choose the right styles. If you want to look tall and elegant, you should avoid chunky and harsh heels. Wear slim and delicate heels with no stripes or odd details to draw more attention to your legs rather than to your shoes. To make your legs look longer, try high waisted bottoms. However, this depends on the length of your torso and your body shape. If you are going to buy new boots then make your choice between ankle lengths.


Perhaps the most beneficial hairstyle idea for short girls is the puff or the high and voluminous ponytail. Both are trendy hairstyles and you can style them in a number of ways. They will add height to your overall look. Layered haircuts are also a good idea but you can try lobs and asymmetrical haircuts too. On the other hand, a lot depends on your hair type and if you consult with a professional hairstylist, you’ll find the right hairstyles to look taller. Hats and some types of hair accessories can also work to your advantage.