It seems as if Instagram is the social network of the new generation and it’s becoming more popular day by day. However, Instagram is used by millions of people all over the world. While some use it just for fun or in order to share their photos with friends and relatives, others create Instagram profiles to have many followers and likes. If you are one of those interested in how to get more likes on Instagram then you are in the right place. Keep on reading as we are here to help you with this little yet common question.

Use Hashtags

So, you have created an Instagram profile and you post interesting pictures or photos there every day. You wonder why you don’t get as much likes as you have supposed to. Instead of discussing the main reasons, we’ll just give you ideas on how to make your Instagram profile more engaging, interesting and attractive. So, one of the most important factors that works in the case of likes is the use of hashtags. Do you use them? If not, then you should mind your mistake. When you use hashtags describing your photos you draw more attention to your profile. Even if people don’t know about your profile then can easily reach you by those hashtags. When you use hashtags you categorize your photos and pictures with the appropriate keywords that make it easier for you to become popular on Instagram. For example, if you post a picture of a flower, you’d better add a description of the flower using the hashtag with the world “flower”. It should be like this; #flower. So, people looking for pictures of flowers will reach your profile and take a look at your photos. If your picture is appealing, then you’ll get more likes, shares and of course followers.

Make your Photos as Attractive as Possible

Applying filters to your photos or using different apps to make the photos original and more appealing becomes easier thanks to several popular techniques. In order to stand out on Instagram with unique photos you need to use high-quality apps such as Camera+, Pro HDR, Snap-seed, and Pixlr-o-matic. As for the best filters, here are some of the bests;  Early-bird, X-Proll, Aviary, and Valencia.

Think of Instagram as Your Art Gallery

There are cases when people don’t know what to post on their Instagram profile and what not to post. It’s quite important to choose the pictures wisely as your popularity depends on your attitude towards your own photos.  Try to make it a kind of art gallery. Avoid too simple and common photos such as your lunch or empty bottles. They will uglify your profile and as a result, you’ll lose its reputation. Choose only the best high-quality photos and make sure they hold a message or any interesting meaning that can keep your followers entertained.

Become an Active Member of Instagram Community

At last but not least, try to become an active member of Instagram if you really want to get more likes and gain more popularity. People should notice you not only by your profile and photos but also by your way of thinking, opinions, and comments and so on. You are welcome to like the photos to random Instagram users to grab their attention and get more likes back.