Probably one of the trendiest prints for this fall is the animal print. This powerful style has a great influence in fashion and it’s always refreshed with new touches by professional designer solutions.  Today we’ll discuss the tips and tricks that will help you deal with different animal prints. If you want to know how to rock the animal print this fall then stay with us. Discover fresher ideas of wearing this cool and eye-catching style both for special and casual days. Keep up with the latest fashion shows to learn more about this trend.

Mixing and Matching

Lately, we see many models mixing and matching different prints and different fabrics. This trick works well when you know which animal prints go well together. You can try several ideas and choose the matching or mixture that looks good. It should be well-balanced and harmonious. So, what about the combination of Cheetahs and zebras and giraffes. Your accessories can play a great role in the creation of such looks. Nowadays these are rather acceptable dressing ideas then fully monotone or usual matchings. Also, don’t be afraid of combining prints of different sizes. For instance, your blouse may come with small and cute prints while the skirt or pants may be with large prints. In some cases, designers mix two prints in one fabric and provide with a fascinating style.

Add a Pop of Color

Do you like extravagant and eye-catching design approaches? What about colorful prints? The simple leopard print can be highlighted with a pop of color. This artificial yet interesting style looks quite gorgeous and fashionable. Your animal prints can be of pink, blue, yellow or any other bright shade. In this case, you can also play up with a wide variety of accessories in different shades. Since fall is all about colors, bright-colored prints are just on point. They work well with colorful scarves, bags and shoes. Neon hues, by the way, also go well with colorful animal prints. However, keep them in minimalistic styles in order to go with full balance. Those looking for attractive Halloween costumes, should definitely think of this crazy trend.

Animal Prints on Accessories

Now, let’s refer to small details that complete our fancy looks. Accessories with animal prints are perhaps the cutest. They add a kind of rich effect to your entire look. Even the simplest pair of earrings with interesting animal prints can add a lovely vibe to your style. Starting from scarves, clutches, bags, sunglasses, umbrellas, shoes and even phone cases, your accessories can highlight your stylish look if they hold animal prints. By the way, every skin tone has its requirements when it comes to animal prints and since there are light and dark prints, your choice can be more effortless according to your skin tone. For example, women with dark skin tones look nicer with dark animal prints. Besides outfits and accessories your makeup ideas can also be inspired by animal prints; nails, eye shadow colors etc.