Sharing your style experience has become so easy thanks to one of the most popular online platforms called Instagram. Here people share their stories and photos that keep us engaged. Today we’ll refer to the most beautiful hair color trends spotted on Instagram. True fashionistas don’t stop experimenting with new hair colors to switch up their seasonal fashion changes. Check out these gorgeous looks and think of another fancy shade for your hair.

Denim Blue Hair

Between all the possible tones of blue denim blue has become one of the most requested shades in salons. This has come to replace the traditional silver and blue hair colors. It is a two or sometimes even three-tone hair color that comes with dark and light mixtures of denim hues. Both blondes and brunettes can wear this luxurious hair color this winter. It goes well with messy wavy hairstyles.

Pixelated Hair

Perhaps one of the craziest hair color or highlighting ideas seen on Instagram is the pixelated hair trend. His innovative and super modern technique of coloring hair is so creative and eye-catching. It is the latest trend to try if you want to amuse everyone around you. Of course, you need to have sleek and straight hair for this style because it’s best reflected on sleek locks. In case, your hair is wavy or curly, you should opt for straight hairstyles to bring out the true reflection of pixel highlights.

Hidden Rainbow Hair Color

Special for those seeking for a cool rainbow hair color idea there is the hidden version of it. What is it? This is the art of coloring hair the way so that you can show off the created style whenever you want and hide it whenever you don’t want to show it. The hidden rainbow style is ideal for office women, who represent their crazy side outside and hide it during official meetings or just at work. This way you can keep your locks classy and fascinating at the same time.

Red Ombre Hair Color

Tired of the same blonde or brown ombre hair colors? What about the hot red ombre? Here you see a lovely example of red ombre hair color that works well with naturally dark hair. So, brunettes have another stunning hair coloring trend to change up their style and look. This awesome transformation will surely draw all eyes on you. So, keep your roots in your natural dark hue and add red ombre highlights at the tips for this fabulous result.

Blorange Hair Color

If the previous style is perfect for brunettes then the blorange hair color is cool for blondes. It’s the mixture of blonde and orange that provides with a peachy shine. You can rock this hair color on naturally light hair or go for some bleaching before coloring if you have dark hair.  The best thing about blorange is that it’s between blonde, orange and pastel peach. It’s neither of them but looks more harmonious and well-balanced. This is the choice of many IG fashionistas who look for more fashionable versions of crazy hair colors.