This blog post headline is one of the most asked questions and that is: how to increase follower base organically on Instagram? Let me tell you something. It is simple, but it requires some time.

In this post, we will check out how you can do that while still enjoying being on this social network.

Instagram really loves engagement. And it is more important than anything else. However, you need to do it yourself. There are no robots that will automatically post on your behalf. You have to go back to basics – commenting, excellent quality posts are just some of the things you need to do.

Let’s check out the rest.


Post Catchy Photos

As I have already mentioned, this is an essential step to do. If you post boring or alike photos, trust me, you will not have a large engagement. That is why need to follow your style and be creative. If you like flatlays, go for it. If you are into showing your outfits, and you want to become an Instagram model, then do it! It is important not to post the same photos, and to find a way to be different.


Post Consistently

Posting consistently will bring only good things! Your followers will remember you better if you post often. The Instagram algorithm works like that for some time now. The more you post, the more you will be visible to your followers.

If you are not so good at posting every day, then the best solution for this is to schedule your posts. You can use some apps for it like Buffer or Preview. That way you will always know when you need to post, and you can plan in advance.


Find The Right Time to Post

Your followers might spend 10 minutes or half an hour on Instagram, but there is always a time of a day when they are online. In that time they are ready to interact, so let that be your best time for posting! You can use Instagram Insights to see when is the best time and day to post, engage or interact.


Make Good Captions (Ask Questions)

With the excellent photo, comes perfect caption. You can also post questions like: What do you think about this, or Have you ever tried__? These questions are the best to increase your follower base organically.

You can write cool and catchy quotes that will be your trademark. Your followers will surely engage.


Make Friends (And Followers!)


Your followers shouldn’t only be that. The good thing about Instagram and all other networks is that you can make friends! Comment, and reply to their comments.

If you are new on Instagram, stick to a small group of people. There is no need to rush things. After some time, you can increase your base by following people who have similar posts like you. The best way to do it is by using hashtags.


Be Yourself!


Don’t try to be somebody else, because that will not work out well. People will notice that you are a copycat, and they will unfollow you. Be creative and do what you do the best. Your followers will definitely recognize you in the sea of Instagram posts.