As a budding online influencer, there is no doubt that you are consistently looking for ways to boost user engagement and generate likes and comments on your content. While there are various services that offer these benefits, IG’s algorithm usually detects these tools. Viewers and followers can also easily tell a paid comment apart from one that is organically generated.

Have you ever wished for a simple yet effective way to boost organic engagement? If your answer is a resounding Yes, then you should definitely look into the power of using Instagram pods.

What’s in a Pod?

In a nutshell, an Instagram pod is a group of like-minded bloggers and influencers who are targeting the same online demographic and who, more or less, are working with the same brands. These individuals usually operate using direct messages, which they use to share their new content in an effort to generate better engagement.

This of it like having your own group of friends online. Since everyone in the group shares the mindset of helping one another, it can be pretty simple to get the help that you need in getting more likes, comments, and shares for the photos that you post!

How Instagram Pods Work

Pods work using a simple yet effective process. Once you post a content, all you need to do is to share it using the message group that all of your pod-mates are connected to. Doing do triggers the influencers that you are working with to visit your post and to engage with it, usually in the form of comments and likes.

It is that simple, yet the results are amazing. Since Instagram’s new algorithm focuses on showing content that is relevant to users, getting a group of people to engage with our content will definitely help you ensure that your posts are visible to your followers.

How do you Find the Best IG Pods?

Using this kind of technique has become quite popular in the online influencer field, so how do you gauge which pod will benefit you best? Here are some tips:

1. Choose Pods with High-Profile Participants

Since you are considering working with other bloggers and influencers, you have to make sure that you are working with the best. Given the choice, join pods whose participants have tons of followers! This way, if they choose to share your content, you will be able to get maximum mileage for your posts.

2. Choose Pods that are Right up your Alley

For the system to work for you, you need to work with people who are targeting the same audience as you are. If you are a fashion influencer, then make sure that your pod if composed of fashion-savvy individuals as well. This way, interaction will be as natural and organic as possible.

3. Choose Smaller Pods

While a big pod with a lot of followers may seem like the best option, smaller pods with no more than 15 people are less stressful to work with. For beginners, smaller pods are also more ideal, since engagement requirements will be kept at a manageable level.