Fashion and women do go hand in hand. You know the feeling a good clothing piece can give you. Better than sex. (JK, of course, but close enough)
How 2017’s fashion went on Instagram? It was all about boldness, colors, sparkles, challenges, rebellious optimism. And we enjoyed every second of it! It was a fun ride. Let’s celebrate the best fashion inspirations we got from Instagram.

1.Puma Suede Heart sneakers

No other sneaker can take the legendary Converse’s place. But Puma Suede Heart sneakers did get pretty close. Once our loved fashionistas on Instagram started wearing them, we wanted a piece of them too. Puma really knew what they were doing when they launched them in public. Did you know that they were so popular at one point in time, that they were completely sold in any store around the world?

2.Zara trousers with side stripe

One of the most searched items on Google is exactly this clothing piece by Zara. Every single girl fell for their charm. The best thing about these trousers is the fact that you can wear them however you want. Whether you’re attending a formal event or you want to look your best for a casual day out; these trousers have you covered. No wonder why Instagram went crazy for them! What better way to look like a ‘million bucks’ although they come at a very affordable price.

3.Gucci mini purse

Truth be told, Gucci is always ‘in’! A Gucci mini purse is probably the item every girl owns. Or is at least on their shopping list. The reason for this is quite simple actually. These purses are both functional and stylish. I don’t have to prove my point here. You already agree with me.

4.Levi’s T-shirt

Maybe the most dominating piece on Instagram was (and still is) the legendary white Levi’s t-shirt. Both men and women couldn’t keep their hands from it! The Levi’s t-shirt looks good however you wear it. It was nice to see simplicity being in style once again. We’re all used to extravagant pieces getting all the attention. Levi’s managed to break the rules!

5.Biker jacket

Something about leather is so irresistible. I don’t know why but leather is so hot and powerful! Leather jackets come in all styles and colors. But the biker leather jacket was Instagram’s absolute favorite. Nothing makes a man sexier than a leather jacket, and nothing is as dominating as a woman wearing one!

Instagram is the best source of fashion inspiration. Every single woman with a sense of style likes to show her amazing taste of clothes to the world. Of course, Instagram allows her to do that. And we’re so thankful for that! How in hell are we supposed to spend our days if not scrolling to see what’s newest in the fashion world!?

Have you tried any of these Instagram fashion trends? Which one is your favorite? Share with the world in the comment section below! Who knows, maybe you’ll inspire others to follow your lead!