Instagram is a treasure trove of amazing features that you may use to get discovered and to reach out to thousands – even millions – of followers! The secret lies in knowing the ins and outs of this platform and fully utilizing it to boost your online modeling career. Here are some of the lesser known features that you may use in order to use Instagram more effectively. With these simple tools, you will be able to reach a bigger audience and make your online ambassador journey a breeze!

Keep Old Posts with the Archive Feature

If you scroll until the end of you Instagram feed, there is a huge chance that you will find photos and content that are not exactly in line with the personal brand that you are currently building. While it is always nice to hold on to old memories, doing so may be counterproductive as you make your way towards being an online model. To prevent your new followers from seeing these content, simply use the archive feature. Simply tap the three dots on the top part of your post, choose Archive, and you’re good to go!

Save Photos to your Own Collection

As a model, you surely follow other influencers that you idolize and aspire to be like. As a matter of fact, it is a common habit for models to take screenshots of phots that inspire them and to use them as inspiration in planning out their own content. Save yourself from the hassle of taking caps by simply saving these photos instead! Create your own collection using the bookmark icon on top of posts that interest you. Doing so will not even alert the owner of the photo, so you will be able to keep your privacy.

Use Location Tags for your Stories

People are in the habit of finding new personalities to follow by checking out the other posts that are taken in places that they have visited. To reach more people with your posts, make sure that you use location tags that will make your stories visible to a wider set of online audiences. As long as your profile is set to private, more people should be able to see your content. If your stories are interesting, you will surely find your followers growing!

Rearrange your Filters

Maintaining a certain look and feel for your Instagram feed usually requires using the same filters for your posts. To make the process easier, re-arrange your filters and place the ones that you use more often in the beginning of the list. Doing so will save you precious time in posting your content and updating your profile! It will also make it easier for you to curate your content and make sure that your photos look beautifully put-together!