Ever since Instagram was first launched back in 2010, this app has never stopped developing. Other than gaining millions of users worldwide and is the most popular app for sharing photos, it seems that lately Instagram is improving its messaging section as well. While some people are crazy over the new “Show Activity Status” option, others are not that happy about it. So, what exactly does this option allow Instagram users to do?

“Show Activity Status“ is the latest update from Instagram. Similarly to other popular apps like Facebook Messenger, Viber or WhatsApp, Instagram thought that it would be a good idea for people to see when you were last active and for you to see when people were last active. We are already used to stalking our bae’s activity on Facebook Messenger. We expected some stalking from our ex on WhatsApp. But we really don’t know how to feel about having this feature on Instagram too. Yes, we do appreciate Instagram’s effort to give us more stalking opportunities. On the other hand, we also liked staying in the dark while still being online.

The new “Show Activity Status” feature is enabled by default. If you have the latest update from Instagram then you’ve noticed the change. You can toggle this option off if you appreciate your privacy. But then again, you don’t appreciate others’ privacy that much; sadly, if you decide to toggle the “Show Activity Status” option off, you won’t be able to see when bae was last active. You can’t have it all.


Now let’s be clear. Not each one of your followers can see when you were last active on Instagram. People you follow or have chatted with before have the exclusive right to see how many minutes or hours ago you were last seen online. If you are using the app at the precise moment, your status will display as, of course, “active now”.

You may not exactly enjoy this feature if you enjoy stalking from the shadows, but keep in mind that Instagram is nowadays a place where business happens. If you are making your way up in the modeling world, you are going to want some idea of when you can expect an answer from that modeling agency or scout. This being said, the only way Instagram can please both the fans and not-fans of this new feature, is to allow users to turn it off and on. Instagram thought of that.

  • How to turn off the “Show Activity Status” option

To turn off the “Show Activity Status” go into the app’s settings. Scroll until you find the newest feature and slide the toggle to turn this feature on or off.As mentioned above, if you turn the activity status off, you won’t be able to see other people’s activity either; but I guess that’s a small price to pay for a little bit of old, good privacy.

If we got used to Facebook’s Messenger app showing our activity, we will get used to Instagram’s newest feature as well. If we survived the “Seen” feature, we will get through anything!