People nowadays feel the need to share whatever they’re doing on Instagram. Whether it is a special meal, a trip to the other city or getting engaged- if you don’t post it on Instagram it is like it never happened. Since Instagram is not just an app, but apparently a lifestyle, thousands of scientists are trying to get to the very core of why people act this way or the other on Instagram.
And once they get to the core, they can see right through you. Here’s what researchers and scientists from all around the globe concluded. And their findings are worth to be shared on Instagram!

  • Okay, It is eat o’clock, but first let me take a picture

Researchers from the University of Minnesota discovered that taking a pic of your meal before eating it can cause some serious disturbances in your enjoyment. It seems like once you post your meal on Instagram, all your needs are satisfied. No more starving! You need nothing more and nothing less. You are more than fed up with the satisfaction of all those hearts coming your way. It’s no wonder your food is not as interesting as it was before. Food comes second to hearts on Instagram. After all, people can survive more than 20 days without food, but not a single day without that heart of approval on Instagram.

  • Why think about other stuff, when Instagram is all that is important?

    Stanford University’s researchers found that people that are obsessed with Instagram can’t seem to pay attention to anything else. You know how when you’re out with your friends for a wild night out and all you do is refresh the Instagram feed to see if someone shared another story? That’s what we’re talking about. Not only Instagram, but all social media seem to limit our brains. We put our focus on Instagram stories and photos instead of living in the moment. But don’t blame yourself; you’re no different than the others. We all do that. On the pros side, where else can you develop such good communication skills!? A comment there, a message here, it all calls for a response. Instagram – connecting people since 2010.

  •  Filters on Instagram don’t filter out your true emotions

    Harvard wouldn’t be Harvard if they didn’t put their best at whatever they’re working on . Thanks to their sophisticated computer equipment, researchers from Harvard were able to find the link between Instagram filters and human emotions. Here is what the statistics show. The darker the filter, the darker the feelings. If you’re feeling low, you’d probably use a filter in low light i.e. black and white. That says a lot about you. And it doesn’t take a Harvard researcher to know that. I get that you want to keep things simple; keep them simple but include some color!

What impression does your Instagram leaves people with? Do you agree with the statements that world-renowned researchers had to say? We will be expecting to hear from you in the comment section bellow.