I think many of you wondered, what Instagram tools you should use if you are a blogger or want to become an Instagram model. Your worries should be over now, because I have an answer! I tried to round off some of the Instagram tools for bloggers and models that you can use very easy. These apps will help you to:

  • Post better quality photos
  • Find good hashtags
  • To increase your follower base

These things are essential if you want to be a blogger or model on Insta. You can attract more followers by making your feed beautiful. For that, you will need these apps. Let’s begin, shall we?


Apps that Will Help Make Gorgeous Photos


In this section, I will show you some of the most favorite apps for photo editing that bloggers use.



When it comes to editing, this app holds the first place for a long time. I personally use it for my photo editing, and I think it is simple and very easy to use.

There are some filters that you will need to pay for (the price is symbolic). You can add them, and then change brightness, contrast and many other things. Once again, this app is a winner when it comes to photo editing (try #vscocam).



Snapseed is another popular photo editing app for mobile phone. Google made it, and since then it became very used.

This app is super easy to use. It is light, so you can use it if you like your photos not to be filtered and edited too much.

You can also combine these two apps for best result! Add a filter from VSCO and then change the brightness and contrast within Snapseed app.



This app can be used on both mobile and computer. With it, you can create amazing graphics for your feed, Insta stories or even for your blog.

Canva offers a lot of free fonts, frames, layouts, and backgrounds. You can use it to make a moodboards, logo design for your brand or other marketing material.


The Apps that Will Help You FInd Perfect Hashtags


Finding hashtags is not an easy thing to do (I know it can sound silly). That is why it is important to have apps or websites that will help you in attracting more followers by getting the top hashtags.


Tags For Likes or Top Tags

Both of these two apps work on same principles. They represent the group of different hashtags that are grouped so you can search easier for them. For example, if you posted a photo with food, you will type that in the search bar, and it will show you different groups of hashtags.


Display Purposes

I have to admit that this website is a big discovery for me too. And I already adore it! It shows you relevant hashtags. All you need to do is to type a few hashtags in the search bar and to see below how they are rated. The good thing is that they don’t show banned or spammy hashtags (huge thank you for that)!


These Instagram tools for bloggers and models will help you boost more followers, and be creative at the same time! They are easy and fun to use, so don’t hesitate to download them today!