Today we are going talk about someone who really deserves all the fame she’s got. She is Nadia Bartel – an Australian stylist, and we are saying this is because she has recently given birth to a lovely child which she loves endlessly and still looks awesome! Just have a look below.

We mentioned that she deserves the fame she’s got, what we mean with this is that she was a famous Instagram (and advertiser) model before she was pregnant, but now that she’s had the baby, she is still looking awesome and ready to be advertising again (even clothes that leave the belly visible on the picture!) It is a real challenge to stay nearly as fit as you were before giving birth but it is even more challenging to do it in the time she did it, as she was advertising again in only six months!

As we can see on the picture above, she doesn’t look, at all, like she has already given birth! And it’s nothing to be too surprised about, as she is already 31 years old! On the right, we can see a picture of her with her little Aston James. It is so obvious that she loves him more than anything else, even fashion I would say.

She would definitely have less time now to spend on her blog (because she is a Blogger, as well as an Instagram star) so she will have to manage her spare time in an efficient way, as well as having time to enjoy some nice time with her family (little Aston and her husband, Jimmy) which she does whenever she can; as you can see below:

However, she does have to work as well! Even though she is an Instagram star and writes on her fashion blog, there are as well some extra works which she does now and then. Many of these times, she advertises on Instagram the BMW vehicles brand. She models by the cars and uploads a picture mentioning how it was.

Besides that, she has also got this blog I mentioned before. On her blog, she explains a lot of things regarding fashion and shows the newest trends that are coming to the market. She also talks about how the body works and, for example, how to keep your hair looking nice or how to remove the fat from some particular areas of the body.

Anyway, most of the times what she prefers to do is wearing the fashionable clothes of Thecon_Nection, she has got a lot of pictures wearing some nice clothes coming from them. It’s no surprise though – they make awesome clothes. On the picture below, she can be seen wearing one of their jackets!

This brand, Thecon-Nection, are relatively new to the market, taking into consideration some other big brands that have been there since the beginning of fashion. And also they didn’t grow as big as they could because they are an Australian brand so shipping is something complicated to tackle. They offer, however, a wide range of clothes of all styles, with a special focus on denim and the latest trendy clothes – something seasonal, depending on what’s trending at each moment.

We hope she brings us many more pictures like the one above, as a lot of those clothes from Thecon_Nection are amazing! And we really wish her and her family the best during the next years of their life!