This is Madison Edwards. She’s an Australian model, but more recently an Instagram and Snapchat star. She has recently become extremely popular and it doesn’t seem like she’s going to go down in terms of followers any time in the middle future.

She started her career as a model when she was 18, like many others, but has participated many times in commercials of big brands like Billabong and City Beach.


She seems to be currently in a relationship with her Australian boyfriend, Adam Frkovic, who is as well a football player and has got a few Instagram followers.

She recently turned 21 and is enjoying a new life of luxury and fame that she wished since she was quite young – which is the reason why she started modelling. She currently delivers some subtle advertisements on Instagram every now and then, particularly to help local Australian brands grow bigger and make people know their products, which she willingly does, as it can be seen below:

Nonetheless, she advertises most of the time the brand Riders By Leeau, which sells clothing, particularly shoes – urban style. We could definitely say she is the “face” of Riders By Leeau.

She starred the Australian Vogue magazine a few times as well, though it isn’t too popular and didn’t really have too high media repercussion.

However, what did have a huge impact on media and brought a lot of repercussion were she had a couple of pictures with the renowned model Emma Rose. They have met a few times already but those pictures are highly valued and therefore much harder to find on the internet.

This is one of the pictures that blew the internet.

She is overall really famous because of her “beach girl” look, which she earned over the years and proved she loves the gorgeous Australian beaches – particularly Sydney, where she lives now, and all related to it that world. However, she wants to show the world as well that she isn’t focused only on that style. It is true that it is what she likes the most, but it is true as well that she does want people to to know she enjoys relaxing and having some warm cozy clothes on from time to time, as it can be easily seen on the pictures.

Even at this time, you can see she is incredibly beautiful and has something interested in her look, she’s not hollow, like other models look like when you look into their eyes. She feels natural in the pictures she takes and she definitely should have more pictures likes this one – assuming she wants to, of course.

Overall, we could say that, even though some people spend a lot of time getting a nice look and body, they usually like other things as well and enjoy theirselves with little pleasures of life. However, it is clear that she likes her lifestyle and enjoys advertising, so she will make it to the top of Instagram modelling very quickly!