“Kitty Cat Jade”-a creative and attractive name. Not in real but how creative she is not from external but also from heart. She is Jade Lawrence. Nick name JADE. She is one of the multi talented lady we have ever known. She has got talent in many creative fields such as painting, drawing, TATTOOS! makeup/beauty and modelling. She is an animal loving person also. This make her a lot respectful person.

“When your feet get so bad from so much #exercise you have to give yourself a #homefootspa combination of#teatreeoil and #bodyshop #bodybuttershould make it better in no time! 😊” – Jade Lawrence

She is located in Victoria, Australia. She is passionate about the creative field such as painting, drawing, TATTOOS! makeup/beauty and modelling. But she loves to design arts in different sectors of life which can be realized by watching her pics in Instagram and face book profile. Most attractive thing is She has been creating art for years and has recently expanded into makeup and beauty which she enjoys very much. She can create art in forms other than canvas and paint. This lady has got extra ordinary powers of making something beautiful.

“What is better than watching#rabbidsinvasion at #2am ?? I love this show!!!” 😂😂😂- Jade Lawrence

She is so funny and cartoon lover. She loves cats a lot that’s why she named herself “Kitty Cat”

She also has a passion for health and fitness. Having struggled with her health she started to research and learn to improve and maintain her health which includes losing weight, strengthening muscles to reduce back pain caused by scoliosis, and improving her mental health. Now a days she feels comfortable and flexible. Her body type is average but the eyes are so much stunning. She is 23 years old but looks like she is just 20 plus. Her height is 158 cm and guess what she is only 54 kg. She is tough. Her hair is black but sometimes she tries to look different by making her hair gray or may be white. She loves to eat. Waffles, pizza, oriental, Italian, breakfast juice, orange juice, milk, tea, chocolate, desserts- these are the favorite foods of her.

She is very fashionable and tricky in making her days good. OOTD leggings, beserk, dotti, forever new, valley girl, just jeans are the favorite dress code of her.  Brands should hire her because she is happy, joyful and bubbly which can be contagious, and when that happiness wears off on others then they will be in a good mood to buy products. Which is why she is perfect for this! She would love to promote products and to give people the latest products and news of the brands. She also has her own website(www.kittycatjade.bigcartel.com)from which any one can buy her pics for his or her own interest. So visit her website and enjoy.

For more info, visit Instagram @kitty_cat_jade and IGMS profile.