If you look at her, the 1st thing you would think how old is she? Guess what she is 27 years of age but she just looks 18 plus. She is so much pretty and the most important thing is She is a fun loving person and hope fun making also. She likes to play golf and she likes to swim. Swimming and golf help her to fit her body and make her comfortable to maintain her regular lifestyle. One of the funniest thing is she not only like but also love animals a lot. This can make her very respectful to others. Other thing which can make difference between her and others is she is able to appeal to many different groups of society. By the way she is from United States.

Now the external things of her. As we know she is so much pretty and she has got curvy body type. Her eyes are covered with eye glasses and the silky black hairs makes her out of the world. Her skin is medium type it makes her perfect from all side. Height is 4’9” and bust size is 32 DD. Hip measurement of her is 30 inch. She likes to eat foods and drinks. Some of the foods and drinks named Sushi (one of the Japanese soft drink), Burgers(yummy), Starbucks, Cotton Candy, Pho, Lipton Tea (Healthy and tasty).

She is a model having work experience in 4 modeling unit in different social media. Freelance Modeling, Makeup modeling, Magazine Modeling for LOW RIDER BYCICLE MAGAZINE are the most brilliant work done by this stunning lady. She is a most popular lady having 1-5k followers. She likes to travel a lot and wants to meet new faces. She loves to attend parties and loves to wear new dresses for her comfort and also for her professional life. Hanging out with friends is a regular schedule in her busy life. She has got 3013 followers in Instagram. Black is her favorite color and she used to wear black glasses. Eyes of Kristy is the most beautiful part of this lady. Total black eye balls make her beauty 100% pure and natural.

The living style, her beauty, her modeling experience, her stunning body fitness, her favorite stuffs can make her an attractive and successful model.

For more information, head over to her Instagram @kristyg225,  IGMS profile and Twitter @KristyGuzman225.