The Balkans may be unknown to many people, but Jelena Karleusa is not! A true Diva, born and raised in the small Balkan country Serbia, is currently conquering the world! Nowadays, Karleusa has over 1.4million followers on Instagram from all around the world, and her fan base is growing with each passing day. Even Kim Kardashian couldn’t resist following her!

So how did KarleusaStar earn so many followers? Jelena started her career about 20 years ago. Once her debut turbo-folk album “Ogledalce” (meaning Mirror) hit the Balkans in 1995, it sold in over 100,000 copies all across Serbia and Montenegro. From then on, she continued working on her singing career, public appearances and when the social media craze began, Karleusa went for it- and she went big! Other than being a singer and a public figure, Jelena is now one of the judges on the ultra popular singing competition Zvezde Granda (Grand Stars). When she released her song “Insomnia” on December 30, 2009, the song has been downloaded 1.5million times… by the next day! She totally earned the judge’s seat!

Jelena Karleusa’s name has also been associated with Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Beyonce, Lady Gaga. Why, you ask? A while back, Karleusa accused Kanye West’s wife on Instagram for ‘stealing’ her style. If you take a closer look at them two, you’ll notice that there is some resemblance- both in appearance and styling. Luckily, they settled the argument like ladies. Kim Kardashian handled the situation like the queen she is – by publicly proclaiming Jelena Karleusa to be her Woman Crush Wednesday!

Soon after, Karleusa noticed something uncanny about Beyonce’s outfits. How dare queen B steal Jelena’s style?! “It’s called ORIGINALITY-you should try it sometime!” – Karleusa wrote, referring to Beyonce. The public did not go quiet into the night with this accusation. While millions of Beyonce’s fans were in rage at Jelena’s attempt to ‘expose’ Beyonce, Karleusa’s fans made a Twitter account to express their support to their queen named “Jelena Karleusa Army”. It’s okay to have different opinions; after all they’re both queens to different audiences.

And how does Jelena Karleusa dress? The Serbian fashionista prefers nothing but the best. But it seems Gucci is her best friend. For one of her appearances, Karleusa decided to go full diamond. And she probably used a platinum card to buy her outfit. A Gucci web headband with crystals, Gucci crystal net top, Gucci Crystal net leggings and Saint Lauren Niki thight high boots with all over embroidered white Swarovski crystals – a total of $16.130 for the complete outfit – really made Karleusa shine bright like a diamond. Or maybe the expression should be ‘shine bright like Karleusa?’


Jelena wants the best for her daughters as well. Athena and Nika are happy to have parents as Jelena and her spouse since 2008, Dusko Tosic – a Serbian professional footballer who plays as a defender for the Turkish club Beşiktaş in the Süper Lig. While Jelena herself is more the Gucci gal, her daughters enjoy a good piece of Young Versace collections.

Thanks to her high energy music and stage performance that is at the smallest hand phenomenal, Karleusa has a pretty busy schedule. With tours all over Europe metropolises, Americans were really happy that they got to see her for her US Tour earlier this year.

If you follow Jelena closely you will discover a true lioness hidden within her. The lady who is not afraid to speak her mind whether in the case of social injustice, political situations or celebs! A Diva who made her whole country fall in love with her and is now going for the world!

They’re gonna hear you ROAR, KarleusaStar!