Jemma Baines is an Australian model who has had a busy and successful career in the fashion world even though she has been here for a few years. Born in South Australia in Adelaide, Jemma Baines has worked with Karl Lagerfeld, graced Oyster website and walked in the New York Fashion Week. The 21 year old model is the daughter of Andrew Baines, an artist.

Jemma Baines entered the fashion world,when her classic dark blond looks won her the Girlfriend Rimmel Model Search contest in 2010. She has since then worked at Chic Model Management and later at Next Model Management. Sight Management Studio, Barcelona, Wizard Models, Tokyo, and One management, New York, are the other studios she has worked for.

The Australian model who is 5’ 10” tall, has worked for big brands like Romance was Born, Morrison and Zimmerman. Baines had graced many magazines including Harper’s Bazaar, Russh, Grazia, Girlfriend, Vogue Germany and Request QJ magazine and many others. She has worked for Valleygirl stores in Australia and has been featured in Collette Dinigan collection.

Baines is a carefree personality who has modeled her career on Abbey Lee Kershaw, a Melbourne supermodel. She also finds Magdalena Frackowiak’s care highly inspiring. Jemma loves to wear gossip girl style clothes. Pastel shades with a tinge of bold and intricate stitching detail are her all-time favorites, while choosing clothes.

Jemma is enthusiastic about all her shooting assignments. Of all her assignments, her work with L’officiel Singapore done in New Zealand is her hot favorite. Jemma is a part time blogger. She records her modeling experiences and other day to day activities, and insights in her blog – Cheddar’s cruel world. Jemma claims she wants her blog to enable aspiring models get the motivation they need.

Jemma has been leaving a hot trail in the fashion world working with the likes of Giambattista Valli, Valentino couture and Chanel. Jemma prefers studying seismology, when she quits her modeling career. She is also interested in astrology. The 5’10” statuesque stunner has worked with many leading Australian designers like Christopher Esber, Zimmermann, Josh Goot and Dion Lee.

Her busy modeling schedule and blogging notwithstanding, Jemma is also active on Instagram at jemjellies

Jemma believes personality is just as important as your look. This picture is sure proof of Jemma’s personality. Don’t you agree?

Here are some of her pictures that show off her classic looks in stunning detail.

Jemma Baines walks the ramp with unusual flair and elegance. Her colorful ensemble further adds appeal to the picture.

In this picture, Jemma Baines looks demure and alluring. Her mysterious blue eyes coupled with the yellow flower and lush green background complete the ethereal beauty image.

Black always rules the fashion world and this picture is a perfect example. Stylish and chic, Jemma in an all black outfit steals the show. Her slim body, lustrous hair and tall looks go well with the attire.

The regal classic look fits Jemma perfectly with this green full-length dress, sequined stole and matching clutch. She looks ready to party. Are you game?

Jemma Baines in striped shirt with ruffled front and a deep violet skirt resembles a sweet and impish schoolgirl ready to flout the rules at the slightest provocation.