I wouldn’t change anything about myself. I love myself and I’m happy just the way I am. The only thing I would change is, more opportunities, give everyone a chance or at least a few minutes to show you their talent. – Joanne Huizar

Green eyed beauty Joann Huizar is an SAG Actress and professional model. A native of Orange County in California, Joann is a Mexican American. The instagram model has over 110,000 followers on her Instagram account and is ever increasing given her popularity as model and actress. She is equally active on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

On her modelling career, she states that even as a child her parents were told by people in her neighbourhood and her relatives to involve her in modelling. She attended the Newport Beach modelling school and the experience she gained there paved the way for her flourishing modelling career.

Joanne with her Hispanic background is fluent in Spanish. She has featured in a few leading magazines and has also been in commercials with her two years’ experience in acting and modelling school. Joann thrives on meeting and working with new people. She feels her success is mainly due to her punctuality and responsible attitude towards her work.

5’7” Joann loves all facets of her work including the photo-shoots, promo work and print work, and is all praises for the people she has worked with. The bubbly model is very optimistic about her career and sees herself as a big idol, role model and star in 5 to 10 years.  Her work includes modelling assignments in fashion, lifestyle, makeup, hair, glamour, editorial, body paint, promotional and parts, sports and swimwear. She has appeared in a few commercials too.

While she loves her photo-shoots, Huizar confesses that she is not that enamoured about shooting in water, as she is always afraid of being poked or grabbed at in the water, even if it is just sea weed.  She recounts the incident where she had run off screaming, while posing in water, when she felt something grab at her. In the end it was seaweed and everyone present including Joann had laughed about it.

As fitness is a requisite for her career, Joanne is very particular about her fitness schedule. She exercises at the gym regularly to keep her body fit and glowing. She also loves sports activities and plays tennis and roller skating whenever she can. Joanne believes in eating healthy foods. Her carefully thought out nutrition plan is responsible for her health and fabulous looks.


If you are wondering about the secret behind her glowing hot looks, her being a vegetarian and fitness enthusiast would be answer enough. As for her favourite foods, she is big on juices and loves waking up to Starbucks.

Joann Huizar keeps herself busy with her modelling assignments. She has worked with Wild Models and for California Cosmetics and a few other commercials. Joann is also keen on making it big in business. She is at present trying to develop a clothing/merchandise line of her own. She is also concentrating on creating a website.