If you ask any model or online influencer if they idolize or look up to any social media royalty, there is a big chance that you will get the same answer: I look up to the Kardashians! The Kardashians have done a great job in situating themselves in pop culture and on the top ranks of social media.  If you want to be just like them and if you want to look as beautiful as them, then there is nothing better than you can do to live just like them and to keep up with them.  Here are four of their most effective fitness and lifestyle secrets.

Energize with the Right Breakfast

If you follow their social media accounts, then you are already aware that the Kardashian sisters always start the day with the right breakfast.  If you are as busy as them, then it will be a good idea for you to start your day the same way.  There are different natural and organic food that you can eat in order to get the energy that you need for the tasks that you have on your plate.  You can also supplement your breakfast with a protein shake and a piece of fruit for complete nutrition and energy.

Find a Workout Buddy

Based on the fitness and exercise post that the Kardashians regularly launch online, there’s no denying the fact that it is easier to be motivated if you are working out with a friend or your sister.  Finding a workout buddy will make it easier for you to stick to your routine and to go all out when you exercise.  It will also be so much fun to take post-workout selfies if you are with a friend. So, go ahead and find someone with the same fitness goals as you and start working out together daily.

Load Up on Your Favorite Salad

For our favorite social media royalty, meal times are reserved for leafy green salads that provide immediate nutritional boost without the unwanted fat.  If you have your heart set on slimming down and toning up, then it will be a good idea for you to start eating like your favorite social media sisters.  There are different salad recipes that you can use to change things up and avoid getting tired of your meals.  Just make sure that you stick to using healthy and natural ingredients for your salad.

Invest on a Sauna Suit

if you are observant, then you may have already noticed that the Kardashians sisters always wear sauna suits when they work out. While this is not always the most flattering piece of clothing, a sauna suit will help you maximize your workout and empower you to get the best results from your routine. This kind of clothing makes it easier for your body to sweat more.  Wearing one will help you lose the fat faster and flush out toxins at a much better rate.