Keionta Cottonham, more commonly known as Kei, is a ladies man in every sense of the word — and he has more than eleven thousand Instagram followers to prove it. Despite his young age, this 18-year-old aspiring model has successfully gathered an online following that more experienced brand ambassadors can aspire for. Without a doubt, this young man can make the ladies swoon and can lend his unique touch of success to any online modeling campaign.

Standing tall at 6’1’’, Keionta Cottonham has the right mix of online influence and physical features that spell out modeling success. Given the chance, this stunning young man would jump on the opportunity to be a part of entertainment, art, hair, fitness, jewelry, music, photography, and sports campaigns.

“I could see companies such as zumiez, pacsun, vans, diamond supply, on the byas, mitchell and ness, bathing ape, billionaire boys club, and many more.” – Keionta Cottonham

Despite his current success in terms of gathering a following on Instagram, Keionta feels that he can do a lot better by pushing his personal brand on to a higher level. This makes him a great candidate for brands who are looking for online models and influences. Keionta already has a wide network, after all, and it is something that can be mutually beneficial between him and his corporate partners.

Kei has an almost business-like way of going about the process of maintaining and updating his online profiles. With the right mix of foresight and personality, this dashing young man is able to tell what kind of content his followers would like.

“I tend to use my looks combined with my talent for eyesight and knowing what teens want to make pictures that are bound to catch the human eye.” – Keionta Cottonham

With his solid core following and a drive for success, Keionta Cottonham definitely has what it takes to represent any brand. Get to know him more by visiting his IGModelSearch profile and his Instagram account.