Surfer babe Kelly Potts is a native of Hawaii who currently lives in Maui; surfing not just for her own enjoyment but also for the benefit of others. Kelly has been professionally surfing for more than 15 years of her life and she doesn’t seem to get tired of it. She said that she used to struggle when it came to deciding which path to take. With her skills and talent in surfing, it was whether to compete or become a sexy model. To her, it was not enough, until she found it in her heart that using her gift for the betterment of others was the key to opening a door that leads to fulfillment.

Kelly, thus, became a mentor; teaching surfing to women of all ages and organizing surfing clinics and retreats for free. She says that being able to do what she loves the most while working and giving back to the world gives her complete happiness. Not to mention that the responses she get from her own community as well as her sponsors simply amazes her. She is a team rider of NSP – Surf and Stand Up Paddle Boards.



“Surfing has brought the meaning of value to my life. My Life is a treasury of positive energy reflecting the essence of my true being. “– Kelly Potts

She is commonly known as an ambassador of “Prana” – is a premium lifestyle clothing company that offers sustainable clothes for yoga, travel, & outdoor adventure enthusiasts. The company’s motto is to inspire healthy, active and free spirited living in which Kelly syncs in perfectly with. Prana is the Sanskrit word for “life force” which fits Kelly Potts as she is now the life force of surfing in Hawaii because of all her hard work and dedication in helping others. With such a genuine heart, she has gained a lot of fans and followers.

She is currently a part of the MSG Scholarship Fundraising Project. Every July, they hold a Maui Surfer Girl’s overnight camp where they encourage positive communication, team building, leadership skills, healthy living and goal setting. However, most girls, despite their will to join, cannot afford to be a part of it. The reason for the Fundraising Project is to raise proper funds to help two girls from Maui a year to be a part of the empowering program.

Kelly Potts doesn’t just have a kind heart but a stunning beach body as well. Saying that she struggled whether to compete or be a model, it seems that she is being rewarded as she experiences both. She was also privileged to be part of a short film entitled, “XOXO”  which is a story of five accomplished water women who get together in order to give back to their local community in Maui, Hawaii. The film explores what it means to be a woman and how the five of them excelled to become top athletes in their respective sports.

She has indeed been blessed by the Almighty as she continues to be a blessing herself as she lives her dream!