If we are going to name queens here, Kim Kardashian is the queen of selfies and Kendall Jenner is the queen of the runways. Kendal Jenner is one of the most wanted supermodels. That is why she is also the highest paid model in the industry for 2017.

How can this girl look so damn good whenever and wherever she appears? No, I am not just talking about the red carpet events, or the parties she attends… She looks good even when going to the gym! She is perfect from head to toe when going for a walk too, or whatever casual occasion!

What is Kendall’s trick? She knows how to accessorize! Whether she is wearing a formal gown, jeans, or over sized t-shirts; she always pays attention to the details. Here’s how Kendall Jenner chooses her accessories to compliment her awesome outfits!

White boots and puffy purses

When it comes to Kendall, it seems as no matter what she puts on – she cuts the dash! For instance, she can rock an oversized t-shirt and white boots with high heels. Also, she adds up a touch of puffiness and the world is crazy for this look! If I wore this, I would probably look like I’m homeless.

Kinky sunglasses

What’s totally undeniable is the fact that Kendall Jenner is urban yet simple, always ‘in’ although it seems like she is not even trying. Or maybe it is because she is the one who dictates what is ‘in’ and what is not. And the world is happy to follow her lead. Another accessory that Kendall can’t live without are the glamorous sunglasses. There is not a certain shape that Kendall prefers; she simply chooses any shape that is different. What makes her different, makes her beautiful! Same goes for you.

Pricy bag

Now this is where I relate the least to Kendall Jenner. Look at her, leaving the gym like she went to a beauty treatment. If I was the one wearing that hoodie, people would probably mistake me for a janitor. But even thought I’m jealous, I admit that Kendall looks perfect. And the public agrees with me. Maybe it’s because of the Louis Vuitton purse. See what effects can a small purse have? Next time you go to the gym, try this trick that Kendall taught us!

White sneakers

When it comes to sneakers, white is the new black! For the past few years every single girl is obsessed with white sneakers. Many decide for the legendary white Converse Chucks, and I don’t see a reason why not to. They give the final touch to pretty much any casual outfit. Kendall, of course, agrees with the fact that every girl must own at least a pair of white sneakers. Here she is casually hanging with Tyler, The Creator.

Hoop Earrings

If Kendall Jenner is wearing the hoop earrings, then they must be back in style! The favorite piece of accessory from the 90s is reaching the peak of popularity in the past few years. And I don’t think we have ever been this excited for the past repeating itself!