Getting into shape takes a lot of discipline. Fitness is not an easy sport, it takes just as much hard work, time and discipline as any other great accomplishment in life. So set your goals and don’t let any excuses get in the way. Stay focused! – La Reina

La Reina must be doing something really great for having seven hundred thousand six followers and counting in her instagram account alone!  She’s a fitness goddess who proves that we don’t pay the price for being fit, but rather we live to enjoy the rewards of keeping our body healthy. Honestly, by just visiting her instagram will push you to go to the gym and try harder to achieve your weight loss goals. Her pictures are so powerful that it can inspire anyone to work out and have fabulous abs like her.

La Reina is a model and swimwear designer based out of Miami, Florida. She is not only passionate about health and fitness, but she’s also a jet-setter and a total adventurer at heart,

Currently, she is promoting lots of health and fitness products such as EHPlabs.  She also owns MINA REI – an exotic swimwear line where she designed and created every suit.


In her interview with, she said that her nutritional philosophy is simple. She believes that eating nutritious foods is a phenomenal path to a long term health and well-being.  Our meals should contain a lean source of protein, nutrient dense vegetables and/or fruits, as well as healthy fats.

Generally, most of us wanted to lose weight and have perfect abs but we tend to overeat and live in sedentary lives. La Reina reminds us that perfect abs are not made by dreaming alone. We have to take action and sweat it!

Proper diet is key to a lean, strong abdomen. Her stunning and glamorous body is the result of keeping a daily exercise program. She remains focused on her goal and she always tells herself that she can do it even if her body wants to give up. One of her biggest advice is to train ourselves to overcome pain and always push ourselves to a higher level.

Inspiringly, La Reina is also a mom. Well, this should inspire all mothers out there that they can still be fit and have healthy bodies. For La Reina, being a mother is one of her biggest accomplishment in life. She says that raising and teaching her son is simply amazing and there’s nothing that could ever top that.