Teachers are known for their passion to push knowledge forward and their curiosity to learn new things. This is exemplary true for aspiring model Tongret Jackden. While she is an educator by profession, she is very much willing and excited to learn the ropes of modeling and to use her knowledge in helping brands and companies worldwide. Tongret shows much enthusiasm in everything that she does, and she sure it excited to jumpstart her modeling career and start working on campaigns!

While most of Tongret Jackden’s time in spent in the classroom, this educator loves to takes photos. Not only that, she also loves posing in front of the camera and striking different poses that will show off her features. This is very much apparent to anyone who visits her Instagram account. With more than 600 followers and growing, more and more people are starting to appreciate this young lady for the beautiful woman that she is.

When it comes to her modeling dream, Tongret would love to work and model for shoes, clothing, and jewelery companies that hold the same value as her. This 23-year old gem has multiple hobbies; and she would surely love to work with companies and brands that are aligned with her interests. A quick look at her photos is enough to show any modeling scout that this woman can work well for cosmetics, art, jewelry, fashion, and photography campaigns. Her most favorite brands are Zara and MAC, and Tongret would do anything to work for these companies.

As a young educator in Nigeria, Tongret’s professional modeling portfolio is sparse. However, this does not mean that this young woman has nothing to put to the table. Professional head shots and test shots are uploaded on her Instagram account, ready to be viewed by parties who can help her make her modeling dreams a reality.

Tongret Jackden is on her way to learning and perfecting the ropes of modeling. Join her in her journey by visiting her IGModelSearch profile and checking – and following – her Instagram account!