Linda Rodin is the best dressed 68 years old woman! Whether you’re 18, 38 or 68 you should always take care of your style. There is no such time like too late or too soon to look your best.

Linda Rodin’s original and stunning fashion combinations decorate the streets of Manhattan whenever she takes a walk with her poodle Winks. And Manhattan is happy to have them. After all, it is the people like Linda who show the true character of Manhattan: glam!

Who is Linda Rodin? A former model, stylist and a fashion editor in the past. Beauty entrepreneur and fashion icon in the present. Linda Rodin worked with the best style names like Harper’s Bazzar, Vogue, Revlon and Victoria’s Secret. Also, she can brag about collaborating with Laetitia Casta and Gisele Bundchen as well. She is the face behind “RODIN”; a beauty line that offers skin and face care products, as well as perfumes and lipsticks.

These are the fashion lessons we learned from Linda Rodin!

Pick your Trademark

If you want to leave a lasting impression, you have to choose your own trademark. For example, ever since Linda Rodin was 58 she started losing her sight. So, she made the best decision. Now, she is known for her audacious eyeglass frames. Both functional and stylish, the eyeglasses are inseparable part of Linda’s style. She might keep the rest of her outfit simple, but nothing about her seems casual. Could it be because of the eyeglasses? What’s your trademark?

Eliminate, Eliminate

You may love the way corsets look on other people. But if corsets don’t compliment your body, you might want to stay away from them. Do you know that Linda Rodin doesn’t own one single dress? She always loved maxi dresses, but because of her height they just didn’t suit her well. So she decided to stick to what looks best on her. As should you!

Invest in the Classics

The best investment you can make is spending your money on pieces you wear the most. If jeans are your favorite clothing, why not spend more money on them? Not everything you wear has to be a brand, but your favorite piece should. And that is because of the simple reason that more money means better quality. That way, you get to wear your jeans longer!

Over-sized can be Good

Have you noticed how Linda loves to wear over sized coats? And she doesn’t look messy at all! On the contrary, they are her favorite because you can wear them over anything… and still look awesome!

Always be True to Yourself

One of the best things about Linda Rodin is that she’s not trying to be 25 when she is obviously 68 years old. Even thought her hair started going white when she was 35, she never dyed it.

Linda Rodin is a true symbol of timeless beauty. She’s here to prove that style doesn’t have to go out of the door as soon as the first wrinkles and white hairs appear. You rock, Linda!