Life can become messy sometimes. Bills, meetings, relationships, jobs, and other social obligations – all these can be quite hard to handle, especially at the same time! It is a real miracle that anybody can plan their days ahead, and be happy, right? Well, let’s see a few tips and tricks for you to make your life efficiently organized. They are quite known and easy, but not all people stick to them, even if they should.

Make a Daily To-Do List

Instead of focusing on a few things at the same time, try making daily to-do lists that will help you make your priorities. You will feel better, and your obligations will be solved easier. Start with easy tasks – going to the shop, or buying something that you will need for few days ahead. By seeing your progress, you will feel more motivated for doing all the other things on your to-do list. One of the most important things is to keep doing this on a daily basis.


Keep Calendar

This trick might seem like an obvious one, but many people tend not to keep their calendars. And they have no idea how easier their lives will be with a simple monthly schedule. Update it with your job deadlines, events, birthdays and other things you need to go to. It is on you to choose if you will do that online, or you will make a DIY planner. Personally, I am still more paper and pen girl. I like to keep my planner on my desk – in that way I can’t ever forget something that I have planned.

Take Time For Yourself

When there are too many things on your plate, relaxing is the last thing coming to your mind. However, taking a half, an hour break will do only good for you. You can use that time to do whatever you want – read a magazine, book or scroll down Instagram. Try to do something that relaxes you, clear your mind and don’t think about the things you are currently solving.


Keep your Home Office and Table Clean

Decluttering your table is the best thing you can do. If you are keeping the bills from last year, and they are not relevant anymore – throw them in the trash! Make your table Instagramable – pink details, magazines, and books along with washi tapes and other decorations will make you feel more productive!


Track Your Budget: Bills, Incomes, and Others

At the end of the month, it is definitely good to have a clear view on where did you spend your money. It becomes complicated when you realize that you have spent too much on your cosmetics or those new boots, and now you don’t have enough to pay your bills. The only tip that you should follow is to make a budget at the beginning of that month.  You can divide the money and leave it straight for your bills.

Don’t Play a Waiting Game

You might think it is easy to procrastinate – the bills will be pay next month or those emails will be answered by somebody else, but it is not really like that.  Start doing that job project today, and pay your bills (even some of them). You will feel better, and make your life easily organized trust me!