Raquel Petit is an Australia based International Fashion Model born of French, Dutch and Indonesian decent. She is part Australian because of her mother and when she was born, she has lived in Gold Coast where she eventually decided to make a name for herself. As a model, changing her blonde hair to brunette, fame has kept her company making her a social media ambassador.

She says that her experience is diverse, as she has worked for multiple companies as a Brand Ambassador and Model in Australia nationwide. After tons of experience in the modeling industry, she has earned her way and worked in the Asia Pacific Region where she has visited Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Manila, Indonesia, Thailand and Greece.

Raquel is the official swimwear model and face of Wild Orchid Australia Swimwear. She also claims to be the face of Phuket International Aesthetic Center located in Phuket, Thailand. She admits that she had a breast augmentation at the same and is more than happy to help and guide any female who is curious or in need of information with regards to how the procedure goes. She is open in sharing her own experience in the said matter.

The beautiful fashion model has been associated mostly with V8 SUPERCARS for many years. She was once proclaimed as “Miss V8 Super Cars Official Grid Girl”, “Miss Clipsal official grid girl Adelaide V8 Supercars”, “Armourall Grid Girl- Major sponsor Gold Coast 600 V8 Supercars”, “Pedders Suspenion Grid Girl Gold Coast 600 V8 Supercars”, and “Jim Beam Grid Girl Gold Coast 600 V8 Supercars”.

Unfortunately, in 2014, news had reached the masses that the famous Miss V8’s boyfriend was accused of murder. Despite the allegations, Raquel has stood beside her man. Raquel merely 20 years old at that time was also pregnant claiming to carry her boyfriend Wade Yates-Taui’s child. The dramatic scene of Raquel sitting in the public gallery while shouting her love to Wade has put an emotional aura all over the place as the latter gave a reply of “I love you too. Don’t talk to anyone.”

The incident made the couple the talk of the town, making them famous, but in an odd and different way. Soon after, Raquel continued her job as a model, carrying with her strength and courage while her boyfriend’s case was ongoing. Petit shut down her Facebook page and made her Instagram account private in the wake of intense scrutiny following her cage-fighter boyfriend’s arrest. Soon after, the media has kept quiet regarding the issue on Wade’s case.

Raquel continued living her life where she started and designed Petitkini. The brand name is a range of soft, seamless, micro cut bikinis made from luxurious Italian fabrics. They are soft enough to wear under clothing and small enough in design (but still with enough coverage to always feel secure) this range of bikinis are sure to  accentuate beautiful curves as well as achieve the most desirable tan lines. Raquel not only founded Petitkini but also works as her own brand model. Thanks to this opportunity, she was able to get her life back together.