Being part of the modeling industry is a foolproof way to immerse one’s self in different experiences that are beyond the ordinary. This is one of the main reasons why aspiring models of all ages are doing everything that they can in order to work with big brands! The same can be told for Linda Borini, but this does not mean that she has no feathers on her cap yet. Being a ballerina, a circus performer, and a manager of her own non-profit performance art company, Linda has a wealth of experiences that make her a great fit for most brands.

I have a big beautiful great dane dog named Ubuntu, who is a great model himself and the joy of my life. – Linda Borini

The beautiful Linda Borini has an immense modeling experience under her sleeve. With her pretty face and her stunning figure, it’s not hard to believe this! One look at her IG feed is all that scouts need to see that Linda is a gem, ready to amplify online ad campaigns that she can be part of.

She is also a true blue performer. Linda is a professional ballerina, an acrobat, and a circus performer. She has also taken on professional acting jobs in LA. There is no denying the fact that Linda has an impressive level of confidence; and this is proof that she is all set to take the modeling worlds by storm.

Linda lives the life that she espouses. As a pilates and lifestyle instructor, her work and personal life involves an active philosophy that takes her to places! She is also an all out lover of adventure. As much as she can, she spends time in the beach, enjoys road trips, and explores forests and beaches!

I travel a lot and everywhere, but mostly, I find myself in South East Asia. I write poetry & stories. I am seen as an inspirational figure by many. – Linda Borini

Linda Borini can be an inspiration and a role model to many. Be part of her journey of taking the modeling worlds by storm! View her IGModel Search profile and follow her on Instagram.