From being a simple imaging platform, Instagram has continued to evolve into a more dynamic tool that offers engaging features for its users. One of the latest innovations in the IG arsenal is the launching of the Instagram stories and live videos. These features offer users the option to share their content temporarily, as photos and videos only stay up for viewing for 24 hours.

As an emerging model, you have a lot to gain by using these new features to build your personal narrative online. Here are some tips that you may use to maximize these new offers as you share more about yourself with your followers.

Launch Exclusive Content

When you go live on Instagram, your followers will only be able to see your video as long as you are using the feature. Once you press the end button, the content will be gone. This makes it a great way to launch exclusive content and offers that will excite your audience.
Use it to introduce your latest brand partners. Utilize it to launch contests and giveaways. These kinds of incentives will prompt your followers to stop what they’re doing and to start watching the next time that you launch a live video.

Show Off your Process 

As an online model, what do you want to be known for? Do you want to be the next big fitness guru? Do you want to be a great make-up maven?

Once you have figured out your best personal branding, you can use the Live Stories feature to give your audience a backstage pass to your process. This will give them a peek into how you get ready to create content that the rest of the world wants to see.

Go Candid

There are instances when you would find yourself hesitant to post certain content on Instagram because you feel that it is not exactly aligned with the image that you want to project. The next time that you find yourself in this kind of situation, go ahead and use the Live function!

Since your live content will be ephemeral, you do not have to worry about launching anything that will damage your personal brand. You may also choose to go the semi-temporary route by uploading it using the Stories function.

Host Instagram Takeovers 

While your IG account is solely your own, featuring other personalities will help you strike gold. Doing so will not only help you diversify your content but will also help you give your audience a great look into the personalities that you interact with.
Go live with a good friend or a fellow model. Doing so will make you more human to your followers and, thus, more likeable, relatable, and like-worthy!