The urban dictionary ‘defines’ Liza Koshy as a lil brown girl, an amazingly awesome, epic youtube/vine star who makes videos about inappropriate, though, kid-friendly things. Since Liza Koshy is apparently a term now, you’d have to be amazingly funny, have a great personality and awesome appearance to be a ‘Liza Koshy’. Oh, and have over 12 million subscribers and about a billion views, as well as a 14.4 million followers on Instagram. But hey, no pressure, you’ll get there.

What makes Liza Koshy so special? Long story short, Liza Koshy is to YouTube what Kendall Jenner is to Instagram – the QUEEN! The lil brown girl started as a teen girl who was willing to make a fool of herself for the greater good- making people laugh. It was a sad day when Vine declared they are going under the water, but luckily Liza continued her work on YouTube, Musically, Twitter and Instagram. So no hard feelings Vine, it is all water under the bridge.

Did you know that Liza Koshy met her match from heaven, David Dobrik, who is also a fellow youtuber, on Vine?! Ever since they announced their relationship, the couple has gained massive respect for the way they are with each other. Oh, and for their puns! It is amazing how easy it is to get major relationship goals from people who seem like they’re at each other’s throats all the time but when they share one eye glance you can feel the love. Eyeronic and puntastic at the same time! For all of us who won’t be surprised if we end up forever alone, I have an idea; let’s buy a sheep, name it relation and we’d also have a relationsheep. Liza and Dobrik, who!?

If you ever watched a single Liza Koshy vlog , that should make it clear to you who’s the Goddess of puns!  With her quirky, witty, goofy sense of humor and personality that is over the top, it’s no wonder that Liza is dominating all over social media. She has collaborated with many famous people and everybody seems to want her included in their stuff-even Barack Obama. Yes, that Barack Obama!

AwesomenessTV would also like a piece of Liza’s awesomeness and they weren’t afraid to ask! Just the past year, our lil brown girl at just the age of 20, signed with Awesomeness TV Network and has since been featured in their freakishly good horror series “Freakish”.


As a validation for her great success and with the support of millions of laughs all over the world, Liza Koshy was the Breakout Creator winner at the 2016 Streamy Awards!


The past year, Liza Koshy launched her second channel ‘Liza Koshy Too’. With 12 million subscribers on her first channel and 5 million on the second one, Liza is ruling the internet. She wasn’t lying when she said ‘ Lil brown girl coming at ya ‘.