“My favorite things about yoga—it’s just taught me that I’m so much stronger both physically and mentally, and capable of achieving anything I put my mind to” – MacKenzie Miller

Throughout our lives, we find hobbies and interests that change who we are. MacKenzie Miller found yoga while attending college in Los Angeles in 2006. Having a passion for physiology and anatomy, yoga came easy for MacKenzie in the beginning, according to a recent interview with yoga revealed.

After three years of practice, she decided to quit her corporate job and become a full time yoga teacher. She made a name for herself on Instagram, by posting various step by step pictures and videos explaining how to get into advanced positions, which she continues to do until this day. She has gained a following of over 175 thousand. She also works with Cody App, an online fitness video site, as a coach for the various plans available.

She completed an anatomy intensive Power Vinyasa training with Tiffany Cruikshank in 2011, who Mackenzie continues to study with for her 500 hour certification. In 2012, she earned herself features in Oxygen Magazine and Women’s Health magazine.

Yoga is just one of the things that MacKenzie has used to help her deal with the dark times in her life. Her father figure committed suicide at 18 in her first semester of college at LMU. She eventually settled down back in Seattle where she continually teaches classes and offers workshops and retreats where she shares her personal expertise of asana, a posture adopted in performing hatha yoga, and myofascial release, which is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. She lately finished filming her new Cody App plan Fit Flow Strong.

She is now a personal trainer, international yoga instructor, and a married woman. In a recent interview, she was asked, what are qualities of a dynamic teacher? “You have to be a student,” says MacKenzie.  “It’s easy to get lured into the fantastic poses in today’s Instagram vinyasa inspired world. Don’t be distracted by the seemingly endless beauty of these advanced looking postures. We must quiet the mind and continue to explore. Constant exploration and willingness to explore helps us grow.”

She has had a number of teachers including Tiffany Cruikshank, who she continually works with, Chad Hamrin, and Kathryn Budig who released the Big Book of Yoga which featured MacKenzie herself.

She continually works as a yoga instructor, visiting various yoga festivals and events, and also works as a coach with Cody App. She has her own website (www.mackenzieyoga.com), where you can book classes. She continually posts yoga videos and pictures on her Instagram account (@mackenzieyoga).