Beauty is not skin-deep. For one to be considered as truly beautiful, overall personality, character, and action should be taken into account. Chris Wingate is proof that we can use our influence to make a difference in the world; and this aspiring model is not only taking strides in being a model but also in being a well-rounded citizen.

Despite his very young age, Chris has had his fair share of adventures in life. For one, he used to served with the Marines and he used to consider protecting the country as part of his every day duty. This part of his life certainly shaped Chris into the courageous and outstanding man that he is. It also geared him the traits and motivation that he needs to do well in life.

Chris is no stranger to adjusting to changes and dealing with the challenges that life throws his way. He made the great big leap of moving to Central Florida from upstate New York. He was able to successfully transition from being a civilian to being a Marine, then back to being a private citizen. This extreme sense of adaptability and responsibility makes Chris a great candidate to be parts of brands’ campaigns.

I am an ex Marine, very passionate about fitness and love to help make a difference in people’s lives. – Chris Wingate


Chris knows the value of being hard worker. Everything that he has in life, he got them with his own sweat and tears. This quality makes him a great model aspirant, for he is very much willing to work hard for his dreams!

He is an avid fitness fanatic. He takes great care of his body by hitting the gym regularly and taking part in various activities that keep him strong and lean. Nike is one of his favorite sporting brands and Chris Wingate dreams of working with the brand in the future.

When asked about his model influence categories, Chris enumerated the following: fitness, music, health, sports, travel, and pets to name a few.

If you are looking for a model who can make things happen for you, then Chris is definitely your guy. Find out more about him with his IGModelSearch profile and his IG Account.