Instagram is one of the most powerful social media for some time now. All bloggers, influencers, and famous people are active there. That leads to many photos that can make us feel happy, but that can also make us feel less valuable than anyone else.
And even if we are aware of the fact that Instagram photos are timed, edited, and posed we somehow end up being sad after seeing something or someone that we think is having more fun than we. Instagram should be a happy place where you come for an extra dose of inspiration and not the place on the web that will make you feel less valuable and insecure.  In this post, we will check out some strategies that are approved by many bloggers (yes, they feel insecure as well). Let’s check them out.

Don’t Check Up Instagram When You Wake Up

If you have a habit of reading your notifications and turning on your wifi first thing when you open your eye in the morning – you should definitely consider stopping that. Instead of scrolling over the web, exercise, drink your coffee with a good book or be present with your family. Put your phone down and enjoy the mornings in silent.


Change the Following List

We all had followed some people that later on we have decided not to follow anymore. That has absolutely nothing to do with them, but with your wishes – the content they are posting might not be so interesting to you or it could be that you want to cut off your following list. Even if you have some annoying friends, you can now mute posts without unfollowing them!


Set Up Time Limits and Priorities

Posting and commenting on your Instagram feed should definitely be timed. If you spend your time scrolling on your home feed in boredom, that will make you unhappy and not fulfilled. On the other hand, if you plan how much it will take to reply on comments below your last photo and then check the feed, then you will know you have spent time good.

Find a Perfect Schedule for Posting

Even if it seems to you that everybody posts more than once in a day, there is no set rule that you should follow that too. If you have enough quality content to post, then no problem. However, don’t bother your followers with same photos, or with boring captions. Be creative, even if you post twice a week!


Don’t Compare to Others

As someone says water your own grass – don’t spend time absorbing the content of your followers. It can be quite tricky if you overdo it. That way you can set up a mountain full of self-doubt.


Take a Break

From time to time, we all need to reconnect with the reality and disconnect from social media. Whether you choose that break to be a week or a whole month, I can guarantee you-you will be back recharged and full of new ideas.