Theoretically, everyone has the same level of access to the best make-up brands in the market. After all, with the advent of online shopping, getting your hands on the best beauty brands can now be done within minutes!

However, what sets novices from make-up experts apart are the skills and techniques that they use in using these products. Here are some tips and tricks that you may use to get a professional finish, even if you only do your make-up at home.

Blush Before Foundation

While you may already be in the habit of putting your blush after you have already primed and evened out your complexion, you may want to rethink this and try something new. If you want a glow and blush that looks as if it is emanating from under your skin, apply a layer of blush before you put on your foundation. This little trick will make the coloring look more natural and will help you avoid a streaky finish. Make sure that you stick to warm pinks, as well, for these are the colors that naturally occur across different skin tones and complexions.

Play with your Face Products

Anybody can relate that finding the perfect foundation, with the right color and consistency, can be pretty challenging. What expert do in order to make this search a ton easier is to mix facial products in order to achieve the perfect hybrid. If you want to lighten your coverage, for example, then all that you need to do is to mix your foundation with some moisturizer. On the other hand, you can mix it with a touch of lose powder if you want the consistency to be a little thicker. Just make sure that you try these hacks before you use them for special events, to ensure that you combine the right amount of products for the best effect.

Use your Mascara Right

While a mascara is a staple in any beauty bag, not everyone knows how to use this product properly. As it turns out, maximizing the coverage that you get from your wonder stick relies heavily on using the proper technique! First, make sure that you swipe from the base of your lashes and move in an upward manner, in order to give your lashes, the perfect lift. Instead of using straight motions, wiggle the stick bit by bit as you make your way upwards, to ensure that the formula convers every single strand of hair.

Red is for Everyone

There is nothing more glamorous than the quintessential red lipstick look, but some people veer away from this because they do not think that it suits them. If you are one of these people, then there is a chance that you are simply using the wrong shade of red for your complexion! As a rule of thumb, those with cool complexion should use cool reds while those with warm complexions should use warm reds. As long as you choose the right hue for your undertone, you too should be able to rock the red lippie!