While it may be true that you know the basics of putting on different kinds of makeup looks, there are always different tips and tricks that you may use to make the process even better.  If you look at the top beauty influencers that you follow on Instagram, they always look beautiful and polished no matter what happen.  Well, here are some good news!  You can achieve the same look for your photos! Here are some tips that you may use to steal these secrets straight from the influencers and to use them to boost your own beauty content.

Blush in Different Colors

In order to achieve the look of youth, you need to make sure that you apply your blush in the right colors and the right angle.  However, beauty influencers know that the secret lies in using two different tones of blush. For best results use pinks and peaches together. Layering different tones will help you achieve a more natural look and better-looking selfies for your followers.

Mix Foundation and Eyeshadow

If you want a little more shimmer for your foundation base, you should find a good eyeshadow in a luminescent color.  Mix a dab of eyeshadow with your foundation before applying it on your face.  Wat will result is a luminous look that will make you look as if you are glowing from within.  Just make sure that you do not add too much eyeshadow in order to avoid looking to glossy.

Line Your Eyes Before Applying Mascara

Most of the time, Beauty bloggers put on mascara before they put on their eyeliner.  However, top Influencers would suggest that you line your eyes as close to the lashes first before you put on your mascara.  This way, you will be able to use your eyeliner as guide on which direction you would flip your wand towards. Doing this will help you achieve perfectly lined and perfectly coated lashes with minimal effort.

Test Your Lipstick Properly

When you go beauty shopping, there is a chance let you test your lipstick on the back of your hand in order to check of the color looks right.  However, doing this still presents the possibility that you will not get the right shade.  For best results, see if you can test the lipstick directly on your lips.  If not, the best thing that you can do is to test it on the inner portion of your fingertips and bring it close to your lip area. This will help you better approximate if the color of the lipstick when it is used properly.