Mariano Di Vaio is possibly the hottest man alive! Every single woman on earth drools over him, while men don’t know whether to hate him or be inspired by him. Who could hate such perfect man!? Well, I know sometimes I hate Victoria’s angels. Because they are so damn perfect! But it is okay, this hate comes from a place of admiration. It’s no sin.

Mariano Di Vaio is one of the most influential fashion bloggers with something over six million followers on Instagram. This cookie is also a successful fashion designer and actor. I don’t know why he’s working so hard; someone should be giving the man money for existing!

Mariano’s story sounds like a great Hollywood movie. When he was 18-years-old, he decided to visit London. While he was casually walking the streets, sight-seeing as a random tourist would, a group of young people got in his way. They wanted to take pictures of him for a certain magazine. Young, beautiful Mariano thought ‘why not’. And the rest is history.
P.S. The young people who ‘interrupted’ Mariano’s sight-seeing were actually fashion scouts from Abercrombie and Fitch.

Once he was deep in the modeling waters, Di Vaio wanted something more. His dream to become an actor got him to New York. He successfully finished the New York Film Academy with highest grades. Other than getting a ‘degree’ in acting, New York gave him the best thing a person could ask for- INSPIRATION!

You can’t help but love New York’s vibe! That vibe is what inspired Di Vaio to start his own blog. Once he got into blogging, great things started to happen. The best of them all- we got to see more of Mariano Di Vaio.

Di Vaio started his blog back in 2012. Five years down the road and Mariano is now one of the most respected fashion bloggers. Nowadays, he is the biggest fashion inspiration for men. And that’s because of his impeccable style!

And where does Mariano get his inspiration from? Other than the fashion shows, he believes that people are an awesome inspiration. He spends a lot of time traveling, so he meets different people all over the world. I guess that’s why his style is so versatile; he is in contact with all kinds of people. Please Mariano, take me with you on your next trip! If only his wife would agree…
September, 2015 was a sad month for many women. But happiest ever for Eleonora Di Brunacci- his wife. He is also a proud father of a tiny one named Nathan.

There are no words enough to describe everything that Mariano is. I don’t think girls need to know much other than that he’s Italian. (It’s getting hot in here)
Mariano Di Vaio has worked with luxury brands like Omega, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Maserati. He also starred in the movie “Deported”. Oh, and I forgot to mention. He also published a book called “My dream job”; I guess it’s based on true story.