Instagram is yours for the taking, along with the different marketing and networking opportunities that come along with it. However, the whole process need to be well-planned and you need to use the right tools that will help you maximize the chance that you are given.

With millions of millions of users, it can be pretty challenging to be Insta-famous. However, there are certain steps that you can take in order to bring you closer to your goal!


Instagram sets a certain number of characters for the user bio that you can add to your profile, so make sure that you use them wisely. Remember, it’s the first thing that potential followers – and scouts – will read about you. Make sure that it is interesting, witty, and, most importantly, that it paints a simple synopsis of who you are. Your bio should introduce you to the world and give the whole of Instagram a teaser of what they can expect if they start following you.


It is always a great idea to diversify your content, and the simplest thing that you can do to achieve this is to mix photo and video uploads. Adding videos every once in a while will make things feel more personal to your followers and will provide you with a better platform to express yourself.

While you are at it, you can also begin planning the themes of your content. Make sure that you post photos and videos that are aligned with whatever is trending. There are also a variety of looks that you can play around with as you create engaging and entertaining stuff that will keep your followers hooked.


While Instagram is primarily a visual platform, there is no reason for you to make your captions mere sidekicks. When you post your content, make sure that your photos and videos are paired up with interesting captions that will share your personality to your followers.

Share a secret about yourself. Share a fun fact. Make sure that you use your words to set you apart from other influencers who rely solely on the strengths of their visuals.


When it comes to marketing online, direct messages are gold mines. Since these exchanges are done in a sphere that is more private than your contents’ comment boxes, your followers are more vulnerable when they talk to you in this space. For this reason, you should give your followers the option to message you directly if they have anything to say about your photos. Doing so will allow you to create real relationships with your online following and will establish you as one of the more approachable online personalities.