“My mom was always taking photos of me and I loved it. I always knew I wanted to do something in modelling but didn’t really actually go for it until about 3 years ago.” Johana Gomez said in a recent interview.

Johana Gomez is an American model whose career started when she took part in Maxim Magazine’s, “Maxim’s Hometown Hotties 2014” and ended up as one of the Top Ten Finalists making her cultivate a hand full of experiences in the modelling business. These consisted of countless Maxim photo shoots for print, editorial calendar photo shoots and not to mention, parties and a red carpet event at Hyde Beach in Miami, Florida meeting a number of celebrities.

Johana spent the first years of her life living in downtown LA and later on spent her youth in South Gate also known as the “Azalea City”. She is an Aquarius who has a height of 5’4’’ and weighs about 110 lbs. She considers herself to be a laid-back kind of girl with a touch of dorkiness who simply loves Italian, Brazilian and Mexican food and prefers whiskey as a choice of drink.

She acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and a minor in advertising which she believes to be a helpful aid in working with non-profit organizations in the future. This shows that not only does she have a beautiful face and body but also a beautiful heart.

Growing up in LA, she joyfully spends her leisure time in the beaches, whether it be walking around, swimming in the cool waters or just basking under the sun. She isn’t a gym person. Instead, she goes hiking in the canyons overlooking the beautiful downtown LA which serves as her exercise still making her maintain her gorgeous healthy body as well as her Olive colored skin. In both times, she spends it with her dog who mostly keeps her company.

Like any other model working their way up the industry, Johana aims to model for different genres and gain more and more experience. She also loves photography, traveling, and art where she wishes to incorporate all three and make it her dream job. Ultimately, she would want to be her own boss someday; just doing what she loves on a daily basis.

When asked during an interview of what her perfect guy would be like, she described him as a gentleman that is funny, spontaneous, and down to earth with good morals and who also cooks for her. According to her, the best way for a guy to approach her is to be respectful, witty, confident, and actually has something interesting to talk about. She says that if men were to be given an advice, it would be, “Always treat your woman like you are trying to win her over, every day.”

She maintains an Instagram account (@joneofthewonders), exhibiting admirable pictures with definite quality.

She continues to pursue her modeling career, thanking Maxim Magazine, claiming and showing pride in being a Maxim Hometown Hottie finalist of 2014