By now, you may already be familiar on how you can use imaging platforms like Instagram to boost your modeling career and to find partner for whom you can work as online ambassadors. However, are you a hundred percent sure that you are maximizing this platform to its full potential? There Is a big chance that you are not.

Turns out, Instagram has a ton of not-so-known features that you can use to better manage your account and to use it to boost your online influence. Here are some tricks that you can use to hack your efforts for maximum online branding.


As you build your own network, you will need to follow high profile accounts in order to see what they are doing and to know how you can ride the current trends. During your search, you will most likely see profiles that you will love and that you will want to see every single content from.

Make the process easier by turning on notifications for specific users and accounts. Simply visit the account that you are interested in, click the three dots and turn on notification for posts that you want to follow!


One great way to find new accounts to follow and to get a pulse on how your friends and followers are responding to online content is to check out the kinds of posts that they engage with. You can now do this with an interesting IG features that will bring your engagement to the next level.

Go to your home screen and open the tab that allows you to see who have liked your post. After this, find the tab that says “Following” and click it. You should be able to see all the content that your network has liked in a single screen!


In the process of streamlining your account and creating a cohesive look for your profile, there is no doubt that you have favorite filters that you use more than others. Make the process of editing and adding filters to your photos by making your favorites the first things that you see.

Well great news! You can now reorder your filters and save a few seconds of your time. Simply click the “Manage” button at the end of your filter list. There, you can rearrange to order in which you will see your Instagram photos.


No matter how pretty your photos may be, you will come across people who will not say great things about your content. Have you ever wished that there is a better way for you to manage these comments and maintain a more positive feed?

Well, now you can! You can do this simply by filtering comments based on keywords and choosing to hide inappropriate content. Simply tap the gear icon and tap the tab that says “Comments”. Turn on the option that says “Hide Inappropriate Comments” and add custom keywords that you often see trolls using.