Thanks to the new features that Instagram keeps rolling out for its users, there are now a ton of features that influencers can use to engage with their audience.  One of these useful and effective features are Instagram collections. Your collections are composed of the posts that you saved, including the ones that you launched yourself and the ones that are hosted on other people’s accounts.  There are different ways through which you can use this feature,  especially if you are an influencer who wants to grow your following and who wants to attract different brands.

Analyze your Competitors

As an influencer, you will need to stand out from the millions of people who use Instagram and you need to show all Instagram users that your profile is worth following.  In order to do this, you have to allocate a certain amount of time in researching what either influencers are doing. If you want to be at the top of your game, it will help if you view other influencers as your competitors. Use Instagram collections to mark their posts so that it will be easier for you to go back to their content and see how you can do better than them.

Collect Post with Good Engagement

For you to be an effective brand ambassador, you have to keep tabs on your posts that experience the best level of engagement from your followers. You also have to make sure that you view different contents that mention or tag your partner brands.  Using an Instagram collection will make this whole process easier.  You will be able to pinpoint which posts of yours are effective and you will also be able to monitor what people are saying about the brands that you work with.

Manage User-Generated Content from Your Followers

If you are in the habit of inviting your followers to be part of the conversation, then you have to monitor the content that stems from your invitation. Failure to do so will make your efforts useless. If you fail to respond to your user generated content, you may end up pushing your followers away.  Use Instagram collections to mark your followers’ posts and make sure that you get back to them as soon as you can.  Doing this will help you solidify your reputation as a must follow online model.

Pin Inspirations

As you spend hours on social media every day, there are bound to be posts and content that capture your attention and makes you double tap.  Using Instagram collections to bookmark and to pin these inspiring pieces of content will make it easier for you to find out how you can produce such content for your own profile. Create a collection of posts that you think will work well with your personal brand.  When you get the time, go through these pieces of content and see how you can use them to amplify your online messaging plan.