Taking videos and uploading them online is a good practice that you can use in order to boost your reputation as an online model and ambassador.  However, it’s a common problem for models to feel that they are not able to maximize this kind of content when it comes to engaging users in other social media platforms.  What most people do not understand is that there are different things that you can use these videos for, especially if you want to amplify your reach in the World Wide Web. Here are some ideas that you may use to repurpose and make the most out of your Instagram videos.

Launch a Podcast

While it is true that most people enjoy watching videos, there is a certain percentage of the online population that prefers listening to a podcast. Most of the time, these are those who live very busy lives and who are often multi-tasking. Since they are always doing different things at the same time, there is a small chance that they will be able to afford giving you and your video content their full attention.  One thing that you can do in order to reach out to this kind of audience is to transform your videos into audio files.  This will allow you to reach out to them with your message without them having to fix their attention on the screen.

Share a Blog Post

While an Instagram video is a great way to give out information while requiring the least amount of energy from your audience, there are people who would much rather read this information instead of watch a video.  To target these audiences, you should consider turning the content of your video into a readable blog post.  Doing this will only require a few minutes of your time yet it will be able to amplify your reach.  Information shared via a text format are also more accessible to audiences who prefer having the option of revisiting certain kinds of information without having to push a lot of buttons.

Re-Edit a Trailer

Longform videos do a great job in encapsulating tons of information into formats that are easily accessible to consumers. However, it can be challenging to get people’s attention, to get them to start watching your video, and to keep them interested until the end.  One thing that you can do in order to address this problem is the launch a trailer before you launch the actual video content.  This will help you create – interest around the material that you are going to post. Doing so will also help you in getting your audience to watch your material.

Create an Online Video Bio

Since you already have tons of materials that will feature you and your interest, you already have the footages that you need in order to create a video that will boost your reputation as an online model. Creating a video biography that will introduce you to potential and existing followers is a great way to boost your online following, as well.  As a material that will show people why they should follow your Instagram account, you will be creating a video that will introduce you to the world. There will also be a bigger chance we will click the Follow button on your profile.