Last year, Instagram rolled out one of its most exciting features to date: Instagram stories. Once posted, this kind of content will only stay live for 24 hours. This kind of short-term circumstance makes it an amazing tool for brands, influencers, and audience! Since the post will not stay online for an extended amount of time, users have the leeway to be more casual in using this feature.

Because it is a relatively new feature, there is a chance that you have not mastered how you use it yet. Here are some tips that you may use to maximize every single IG story that you launch in order to empower your personal brand.

Make Sure that your Profile is Set to Public

Since your main goal is to be discovered by brands and to engage more people who are not yet following your account, you have to make sure that your Instagram profile is viewable by everyone. Doing this will give you the chance for your stories to be viewed by people who are outside your circle. A well-crafted public story will surely capture the attention of potential followers and brand partners.

Complement your Instagram Feed

There will be times when you would find it hard to narrow down your options and choose the content that you will post on your Instagram feed. In times like this, simply use the rejected content as part of your IG stories! This is a great way to highlight your new post and to give your followers more information about you. You do not even need to heavily edit these content, because they will not stay on your profile for forever anyway.

Don’t be Afraid to Go Live

The thought of going on camera without a script can be daunting to some, but a great live video, when done right, will do wonders for your personal brand. Live stories feel more intimate and natural than Instagram stories, after all. Using this feature is a great way to get closer to your audience by making them feel as if they are part of your world! You do not even need to heavily plan out this content. Just be natural, go with the flow, and see where your natural charm will take you!

Run Ads for your Brand Partners

Once you sign a sponsorship contract, your brand partner will specify how many times you would need to post about their products or services. If you do not want to flood your feed, or if you are feeling extra generous to your partners, you can use a bunch of photos and upload them using the stories feature. Just make sure that you only use short captions and mentions for every piece of content. This way, you will be able to ensure that your message will be clearly received by your followers and viewers!