Have you heard of Angela Crickmore? If you have, she already inspired you in so many ways. If you haven’t, be prepared for major motivation! Let’s hear her story.
Angela Crickmore managed to lose more than 70lbs in just 8 months. Being used to her natural slim self during her younger days, Angela knew that she had to put a stop to her bad eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle which made her gain weight … more than she ever bargained for.

Her weight gain started to get out of control during the happiest times of a girl’s life – her wedding. Maybe planning the big event made her eat because she was nervous, or maybe it’s all because of the inactive lifestyle she was leading at the time. Going only to work and back, eating unhealthy dishes and then lying in front of the TV can result in excessive weight. And things didn’t seem to improve over the years.

Angela was at an unhappy stage in life. She believes that marriage with her now ex-husband was a rushed decision and there were so many cracks in their married life. Day after day of unhappiness made Angela give up every motivation to do anything about her weight. Her confidence has gotten to the lowest point.

But there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel! In 2011, things were about to take a different direction. After meeting up with her friend who had recently lost over 20lbs, something changed in Angela. At 182lbs, Crickmore had a revelation; no more will she disrespect her body like that! Before she decided to change her lifestyle, Angela got to a point when even walking was a huge struggle. No more, she thought; this was the breaking point. Here’s where her journey towards better life begins!

As any other journey, Angela’s too began with a first step. And it was not an easy one to make. The gym was not an option for her because her self-confidence was still low and she was too ashamed to work out with other people. She thought about jogging, but her weight didn’t allow her to jog either. So, walking is what Angela did.

When she became lighter, she started to jog. Step by step she was achieving her goal. Soon enough she decided to overhaul her diet and started hitting the gym. No longer was she struggling with low self-esteem. She took to posting snaps and inspirational messages on social media, thus inspiring thousands of people and attracting followers. Her new-found love of fitness took her to the next level – she got a degree in sports nutrition.

Other than losing weight, Angela lost another thing that was weighing her down. Her then-husband. Sadly, the new regime Angela dedicated her life to played a major role in the breakdown of her marriage.
But, when one door closes, another one opens. In late 2016, Mark Rogers needed a personal trainer. Of course, he wanted Angela. Angela took upon his invitation to train him for 10 days, but only after 5 days they knew they’ve clicked. It took them only a month to get engaged.

Today, Angela Crickmore is leading a healthy, happy life. She got everything she ever hoped for and dreamed of, but she worked for it. If she can do it, so can you. The only person standing in your way is – you! No more excuses, it’s time to live the life you always wanted.
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