Gone are the days when modeling is a world that is exclusive mainly to the young ones. Thanks to the advent of technology and to the opportunities that social media have come to offer to different types of influencers, ambassadors of different status can no use their online influence to build their brands online. This is the revolution that mom and model Jessica Johnson shines in. Juggling the demands of being a mother and an up and coming model, this beautiful 29-year-old certainly has what it takes to make her dreams come true!

Loving myself and the path that God allowed me to walk on. Jessica Johnson

Much like other female ambassadors, Jessica loves everything that has to do with make-up, fashion, music, and photography. One quick look at her Instagram feed is all that you need in order to see that this stunning beauty is a perfect fit for this industry. Scouts for beauty, glamour, and fashion campaigns should definitely consider working with Jessica in their upcoming online ad campaigns.

When God shine his light upon you and bless you with blessings, knowledge, and positive people in your life. He is showing me the ways to get everything and everyone I need to have in my life to prosper and I thank him for it. – Jessica Johnson

In the field of online modeling, one’s connections and influence are integral parts in determining the potential success of an ambassador. Jessica’s network is nothing to scoff at, considering that she has multiple connections with artists and DJs both in the music and fashion worlds! Working with someone with this kind of connection is a simple yet effective way to put a business on the map. Having said this, there is no doubt that what Jessica puts to the table will surely make her a hot property, as far an online advertising is concerned.

Jessica does not rely on her connections alone. This aspiring model also has intact work skills that are surely at par with the ethics of other professional models! In addition to being a hard worker, she is also dedicated to the brands that she works with, thus making her a great online ambassador and partner!

Watch out for Jessica Johnson, a model mom who is set to take the online modeling world by store. Get in touch with her by visiting her IGModel Search profile and her Instagram feed!