Before you are able to make fun of yourself, you need to secure a high level of confidence first. This is something that the outgoing and goofy Bethany Armstrong has accomplished for herself. A quick look at her Instagram account is enough to show anybody how fun loving and funny this young woman is. It is also enough for anybody to appreciate her looks and her features, and to recognize her as the budding model that she is.

Bethany Armstrong, or Beth to her closest friends and loved ones, takes inspiration from the world’s top models. This girl is from a small town in Kentucky, and she is inspired by models like Molly Sims who hailed from a small town, too. Another favorite model of hers is Gigi Hadid, who worked hard as she made her way from the bottom to the top of the modeling world. Bethany understands the value of sticking to your guns and having to work for your dreams, and this is one of the most important qualities that she can use in order to make her modeling dreams a reality!

Unlike your stereotypical pretty girl, Bethany is very active in sports. She plays basketball and volleyball, using the advantage that is afforded to her by her towering height. Off the court, however, this model slash athlete trades her uniforms for fashion-forward clothes.

Her Instagram account has more than 3500 followers to date. This is a number that is constantly growing as Bethany starts to put herself out there and makes her profiles more accessible to potential brand partners. Given the chance, this your lady would love to be part of campaigns that fall under the categories of fashion, fitness, health, cosmetics, travel, and sports. She would also love to do modeling stints for her favorite brands: Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Gigi Hadid, Tommy Hilfiger, MAC, and Sephora.

Have fun with Bethany and watch her as she turns her dreams to reality. Check out her IGModelSearch profile and follow her on Instagram!