When Asia Banks walks into the room, everyone stops and takes notice. This young lady is a hard one to miss, especially with her exotic looks and mysterious personality. One look at her and you’d surely want to know her. There is no denying the fact that this 19-year-old girl is meant to be a model.

Meet Asia Banks, a young model aspirant from the United States. This fresh-faced young model dreams of being a brand ambassadress and spokesperson for her favorite brands, Victoria’s Secret and Cover Girl. Given the chance, she would surely jump on the opportunity to work on the following fashion and campaign categories: art, entertainment, body art, fashion, fitness, hair, health, pets, luxury, photography, yoga, and travel.

“I am a well rounded young woman who has real goals and determination” – Asia Banks

In addition to having the right frame and features that work best with online modeling campaigns, Asia also has the drive to make things happen. She is no stranger to working hard for her dreams and getting her hands dirty on her way to success. Once she sets her goals, she will make her way towards making them come true! This makes her a great candidate to be a brand model, mainly because she has the attitudes that younger people can look up to.

Asia Banks have different hobbies that keep her occupied and give her a wide outlook in life. In order to remain fit and in model form, she exercises a lot and maintains a healthy diet. She also enjoys reading at home and spending time with her two well-loved cats. Asia actively looks for fun experiences that will add color to her life!

Ironically, this young lady is a deep thinker. While she has an outgoing personality, she has quite an analytical mind and she thinks out of the box! These are traits that the ones closest to her have grown to love and these are the very qualities that give her a mysterious aura.

With a pretty face, the right body, and her own personality, Asia Banks definitely has what it takes to be a model. Get to know her more by visiting her IGModelSearch profile and her Instagram account.